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We want to share with you the trends we see in the financial services industry, including important events and media input. As an agency, our goal is to help you. That is why we also post our financial PR and Marketing best practices and opinion articles as a resource for your company.

AI Now: Your Guide to Surviving the Rise of Machine Intelligence

While technologies come and go, AI is making seismic waves, permeating every corner of the business world. No longer a futuristic concept but a present-day reality, AI is seamlessly integrating into various sectors with remarkable efficacy. As we continue to witness AI reshaping industries and the future itself, it’s important we do a deep dive into its profound implications for society and work.

Five Considerations for Improving Fintech Sales through Strategic Communication

Fintech companies face a formidable challenge: communication gaps that threaten to undermine their sales performance. These disconnects, often manifesting between departments, teams, and even with customers, can lead to misaligned strategies, missed opportunities, and a weakened competitive edge. Addressing these communication barriers is crucial for fintech firms striving to maintain their market position, enhance customer relations, and drive growth in an industry where precision and clarity are paramount.

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Six PR Trends We’re Keeping an Eye On

The PR industry is constantly evolving to keep up with new technologies, media platforms, and consumer preferences. As PR pros, staying ahead of the latest trends and practices is key to crafting successful campaigns. Here’s a look at six trends we’re tracking this year.

Credit Unions, Fintechs Pushing the Industry Forward – What We Heard At GAC 2024

Branded under its new moniker, America’s Credit Unions (following the recent merger of CUNA and NAFCU), the 2024 Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) was a successful one, bringing together credit unions from across the U.S. and the service providers and technology partners that are helping them better serve their members.

Fintech Meetup Stays True to Its Mission: Making Connections

We all cherish those networkers with a superpower for connecting people. Now there’s a conference that’s honed in on meeting the need: Fintech Meetup. Here’s our take on the show.

When Data Speaks, Do You Listen? The Power of Data-Driven Storytelling in PR and Marketing

In a time where information reigns supreme, the strategic use of proprietary data in PR and marketing is not just an advantage — it's essential. As data-driven storytelling has become a cornerstone for success, PR and marketing professionals must learn how to properly gather, analyze and derive this information to help create stronger messages, bring more credibility, and garner greater media attention for clients. Otherwise, a huge opportunity is being missed, one data point at a time.  

Press Release Do’s and Don’ts for Fintech (part two)

Imagine your fintech wants to announce a new product, partnership, or award. You might think a press release is your best option, but this isn’t always the case. It’s important to ask yourself these two questions before you write it:

The Rise of Gen Z and Its Impact on Business and Buying Power

According to Insider Intelligence, Gen Z now makes up 27% of the United States population. While this generation can be broadly defined, it often encompasses those born between the years of 1997 and 2012. This would make the oldest members of the population around 26-years-old. A common misconception is that Gen Z are teenagers and children, and while some are, a large majority of the population are well within adulthood.

New Year's Predictions: Marketing, PR and Fintech in 2024


The fintech and financial services industries continue to show resilience, and we eagerly anticipate another year marked by innovation and productivity. As we work on our annual Bankers as Buyers report, which highlights predictions and trends for the financial services industry, we were inspired to make a few of our own. WMA team members weigh in on their 2024 fintech, marketing and PR predictions. 

Unwrapping PR Success: Lessons from Holiday Traditions

It’s that time of year once again, and the holiday season is quickly approaching! While the holiday season is the most wonderful time for festive celebrations, there is also an abundance of valuable industry lessons to be gained.

PR Strategies

for Larger Enterprises vs. One Product Companies

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