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We want to share with you the trends we see in the financial services industry, including important events and media input. As an agency, our goal is to help you. That is why we also post our financial PR and Marketing best practices and opinion articles as a resource for your company.

Insights from the 2024 Bankers as Buyers Report: Preparing your Financial Institution for the Future

In a constantly evolving world and financial landscape, understanding today’s trends will guide future decision making and allow banks and credit unions to prepare their financial institution for the future.

2024 Bankers as Buyers Highlights Exploding Fintech Scenario, Invisible Technology, Actual Intelligence

In the dynamic landscape of finance, where innovation is the currency of the future, it's crucial for industry leaders to not only keep pace but also anticipate the trends that will shape tomorrow's banking experience. 

Unpacking the Lessons and Insights from BankTech Ventures Limited Partner Summit 2023

This year marked BankTech Ventures second annual Limited Partner Summit. BankTech Ventures is the first venture fund created specifically by and for key leaders in the community banking landscape. Launched in 2021, over 100 banks are now part of the fund, with 11 investments already made and over 100 companies in its current pipeline ready to continue fueling the innovation ecosystem for community banks.

Bankers as Buyers Highlights Data Management, Segmentation, Cybersecurity and CX

Technology has both enhanced and hindered the financial industry. While many institutions have used tech to modernize consumer experiences and streamline office processes, many institutions have fallen victim to “shiny object syndrome” and adopted solutions that have complicated their operations or simply don’t work as they should. 

Bankers as Buyers: APIs, Small Biz Banking and Real-time Payments

"Technology has made banking faster than ever before, and there's no going back to the slower pace of the past." – Suresh Renganathan, CTO for Teachers Federal Credit Union

ICBA Live Showcases the Community Banking Difference

ICBA LIVE could not have been timed better. Thousands of community bankers and fintechs converged in Honolulu over the weekend of March 12, when the stability of our nation’s financial markets was being challenged (yet again). ICBA and its bankers reacted quickly, providing much needed communication about how community banks are different, the stability of their financials, and that we are not facing a systematic problem.

The Wait is Over - Bankers as Buyers is Back: Part 2

The 19th annual Bankers as Buyers explores how the industry can build a more resilient tomorrow for financial institutions of all sizes. This includes acquiring top banking talent, ensuring seamless technology integrations to digitization initiatives, and better meeting customer and prospect needs. In the second edition of our two-part blog series, we outline the top trends we’re watching in banking this year.  

The Wait is Over - Bankers as Buyers is Back: Part 1

It can be tough to keep up with what's new in fintech, industry trends, and competitive insight in today's fast-paced and forward-thinking environment. From ever-evolving consumer preferences to the continued uncertainty of the global pandemic, the industry has undoubtedly been "through the ringer" as of late.  

Accelerated: The Evolution of One Bank’s Product into a Spin-Off Fintech

WMA and The Venture Center are back with a new episode of Accelerated, the podcast series that examines the process of fintech-banking deals and how they affect the industry.   

Accelerated: Agora and Seattle Bank

Tune into our latest episode of Accelerated, a podcast dedicated to giving a behind-the-scenes look at how fintech-banking deals are made and why they’re essential to the overall industry.

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