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Unpacking the Lessons and Insights from BankTech Ventures Limited Partner Summit 2023

This year marked BankTech Ventures second annual Limited Partner Summit. BankTech Ventures is the first venture fund created specifically by and for key leaders in the community banking landscape. Launched in 2021, over 100 banks are now part of the fund, with 11 investments already made and over 100 companies in its current pipeline ready to continue fueling the innovation ecosystem for community banks.

3 Key Ingredients to a Winning Fintech PR Strategy

Public relations programs will always vary based on a fintech’s unique goals and market position. But, whether it’s a startup or a more established company, with one competitor or hundreds, organizations’ public relations programs should focus on a three-pronged approach: building brand awareness, educating key audiences and establishing credibility. To optimize success, there are three key tactics companies should prioritize when developing their public relations strategy.

The Changing Forces of Fintech - Observations from Fintech Nexus

Fintech Nexus completed its metamorphosis. In 2022, the show launched its transition from LendIt into a namesake focused on industry connections. The two-day show remained in New York, gathering a good crowd of fintechs, venture capitalists, banks, credit unions, media and influencers. While there were still strong lending echoes from the vendors in the exhibit hall, the agenda this year was balanced with a wider focus on payments, embedded banking, security, consumer data and more.

Amplifying Public Relations with Data

As the business world becomes more competitive, it is increasingly important to have a unique edge that sets you apart from the competition. In today's media landscape, data is highly valued. The most credible media outlets look to data as a source of objective information that supports their reporting. By providing journalists with valuable data, you increase the likelihood that they will cover your story or interview you as an expert in your field. Developing a report and hosting it on your website, making it available for download, and issuing a press release to relevant media contacts sharing highlights of your research are all effective ways to get your data in front of journalists.

Bankers as Buyers Highlights Data Management, Segmentation, Cybersecurity and CX

Technology has both enhanced and hindered the financial industry. While many institutions have used tech to modernize consumer experiences and streamline office processes, many institutions have fallen victim to “shiny object syndrome” and adopted solutions that have complicated their operations or simply don’t work as they should. 

Growing Your Brand Through Every Era

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is taking the media by storm. This concert, with its 40+ song setlist, goes through all of Taylor’s iconic “eras” ranging from her debut country albums to her pop albums to her more recent folk albums. The evolution of Taylor’s brand teaches us that adaptability is key to remaining competitive in your industry and your customer loyalty will ultimately be the driving force in building your reputation.

Bankers as Buyers: APIs, Small Biz Banking and Real-time Payments

"Technology has made banking faster than ever before, and there's no going back to the slower pace of the past." – Suresh Renganathan, CTO for Teachers Federal Credit Union

PR and Media Relations in the Age of ChatGPT

By now you’re almost certainly familiar with the concept of generative AI and more specifically, OpenAI’s ChatGPT – what it is, what it isn’t, what it can (and can’t) do…..yet. From its formal introduction late last year to now the release of the next generation, ChatGPT 4, generative AI and its potential impact on our society has consumed the attention of the media, the investment community, the business community, our political leaders, you name it.

Fintech Meetup: The fintech industry's newest and coolest event

The first in-person edition of Fintech Meetup wrapped up—and what a show it was! The industry’s newest fintech conference, described by some as “the future of fintech events,”  took place at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on March 19th-22nd. The event was organized by the team behind the original Money 20/20 and had 3,000+ attendees, 40% of which were fintech founders and C-level executives.

ICBA Live Showcases the Community Banking Difference

ICBA LIVE could not have been timed better. Thousands of community bankers and fintechs converged in Honolulu over the weekend of March 12, when the stability of our nation’s financial markets was being challenged (yet again). ICBA and its bankers reacted quickly, providing much needed communication about how community banks are different, the stability of their financials, and that we are not facing a systematic problem.

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