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Accelerated: The Evolution of One Bank’s Product into a Spin-Off Fintech

WMA and The Venture Center are back with a new episode of Accelerated, the podcast series that examines the process of fintech-banking deals and how they affect the industry.   

A Look Ahead: WMA’s 2022 Marketing and PR Predictions

2021 was a whirlwind year for many, as evolving consumer preferences and continued health concerns forced many businesses to shift their strategies. As we work on our annual Bankers as Buyers report, which highlights predictions and trends for the financial services industry, we couldn’t help but wonder what the next year will bring. We reached out to the rest of the WMA team to see what they thought. Here are a few PR and marketing industry predictions for 2022:

Is TikTok Right for Your Fintech’s Communications Strategy?

The fear of missing out, or FOMO, affects nearly everybody. FOMO is a powerful social force that compels people to join in on popular trends and experiences. While FOMO as a concept predates social media, feelings associated with it have grown more intense with the rise of these platforms. Whether it’s about a party you didn’t get invited to or the latest industry trend, FOMO can manifest in personal and professional matters. Lately, the hottest trend in communications and marketing is TikTok, the fastest-growing social media network in the world. While many companies are eager to capitalize on this growth, others wonder if TikTok is right for them. 

Podcasts: A Relevant and Effective Alternative to Print Media

Even in the most forward-thinking relationships, public relations practitioners and their clients can sometimes get comfortable with their regular routine of scheduled press releases and published bylines. The media attention is consistent, and a complacent approach to PR can become accepted as the norm. It’s the responsibility of the PR team to find alternative forms of media that diversify their client’s repertoire. Fortunately, as the public yearns for new and exciting ways to consume content, podcasting has become a channel highly utilized by media professionals.

Finovate Interview Series: Part 2

Welcome back to WMA’s Finovate 2021 video series. This week, we are sharing a discussion between William Mills, CEO of WMA, and Beth Johnson, chief experience officer at Citizens Financial Group. The pair discusses changes in the digital landscape, catering to rapidly evolving customer preferences, and the future of financial services.

VentureTech 21 – What CUs, Fintechs and investors need to know about the industry’s growing show

A few of weeks ago I attended VentureTech 21, advertised as a “fintech showcase for the entire credit union industry”. More than 200 people packed the room at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas to watch 14 fintechs give 15-minute demos, with the aim of securing funding from and/or partnerships with credit unions and CUSOs. The audience included representatives from 48 credit unions, 21 CUSOs, 17 credit union leagues and league service corporations, five venture capital firms and a few journalists. Some of the fintechs that demoed at the event were already operational and had a strong client portfolio, while others had just gone live or were about to in the coming months.

Inside Marketing: Maximizing ROI With Digital Branding

2 areas of consideration for enhancing your credit union’s digital presence in 2022

While the age of the average credit union member remains in the mid-40s, it is important to recognize that this age range is no longer held strongly by Gen X. Instead, the eldest millennials—otherwise known as the first digital natives—are turning 40 this year, and their expectations should not be taken lightly. A quick Google search paints a picture that has been discussed for years in the financial services industry related to these preferences: easy online account opening, a user-friendly mobile app and the ability to transfer between accounts seamlessly and instantly.

Finovate Interview Series: Part 1

In our new video series, William Mills, CEO of WMA, interviews leading fintech professionals at Finovate to examine the latest technology and advancements in the industry.  William sits down with Jas Randhawa, Head of Financial Crimes at Stripe, to discuss the current landscape of financial crimes, trends he's seeing to address these threats, and advice for organizations on protecting themselves and their customers.

Accelerated: Agora and Seattle Bank

Tune into our latest episode of Accelerated, a podcast dedicated to giving a behind-the-scenes look at how fintech-banking deals are made and why they’re essential to the overall industry.

SEO in 2022: How to Optimize Your Fintech’s Keyword Strategy

One of the most popular questions we get from clients is, “How do we get on the first page of Google?”  There’s a good reason why this question permeates even the savviest marketer’s mind: statistics show that less than 10% of people move past page one. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, landing a top spot is viewed as essential to any fintech marketer’s goals.  

PR Strategies

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