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Take Your Fintech Event Attendance to the Next Level in 2020

If you’ve already planned which fintech events you’ll attend in 2020, you’re ahead of the crowd. Trade shows and conferences, while sometimes costly, can easily pay for themselves with strategic planning. Below are a few ways to go the extra mile and make the most of your event attendance.  

If you aren’t sure which events you’re attending this year, be sure to get your copy of our 2020 Trade Show Directory. It showcases events by industry sector, including dates and locations.

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Inside Marketing: Top 3 Trends For 2020

Voice search, lead nurturing platforms and chatbots are top technologies for credit unions to watch.

Brand awareness and effective marketing are crucial elements of growth for every organization, including credit unions. But staying on top of the latest trends and strategies can be challenging, especially as consumer expectations and technologies evolve at lightning speeds.

5 Ways to Leverage Social Media as Part of Your 2020 Fintech Conference Strategy

Download the  2020 Trade Show Directory

Social media participation has evolved to become a necessary aspect of a successful fintech conference strategy. After all, why limit the impact of your attendance to fellow attendees when you can potentially reach exponentially more people online? While B2B companies have leveraged trade shows to increase visibility in their markets, generate leads, build relationships and establish themselves as leaders in their industry for many years, knowing exactly how to incorporate social media into the equation doesn’t always come naturally. Read on for 5 ways to leverage social media as part of your 2020 fintech conference strategy.

Our Favorite Financial Technology Podcasts: Mortgage, Banking and More

We all know keeping up with the latest fintech news and continuing to expand your knowledge is important, but actually making time to do so is easier said than done. Enter the podcast. 51% of Americans report having listened to a podcast at least once in their lives, and they have quickly become regular background content while many of us multitask activities such as driving, grocery shopping or even household chores.

Here are some of our favorite financial technology podcasts to help you squeeze a little more professional development into your day.

Money 20/20: Tangerine and Meniga’s Consumer-Focused Partnership,  AEVI's Ultimate Merchant Experience, and SmartStream’s New AI Reconciliation Engine

Heather Sugg was on the floor at Money 20/20 learning firsthand what’s next for the payments industry and supporting several WMA clients sharing news of their own at the show. Heather also worked with FintechFutures to interview with Mark Nicholson, VP of digital and innovation at Tangerine; Andrew Harper, head of rewards partnerships at Meniga; Nicky Koopman, SVP Content & Value Added Services at AEVI; and Haytham Kaddoura, CEO of SmartStream Technologies. Watch the video interviews below for exclusive insights on how Tangerine and Meniga collaborate and the launch of SmartStream’s AI reconciliation engine.

PR Insight: 3 Budget-Friendly Tools Credit Unions Can Use In 2020

Amplify your message this year using social media, member testimonials and more.

As 2019 comes to an end, savvy organizations will be spending time reflecting on what did and did not work while they make plans for the year ahead. Credit unions will be setting goals on how to grow membership, better serve their current members, positively impact their communities and build strong employee teams. A credit union’s marketing and communications team is often tasked with communicating to these different audiences, but too often, tight marketing budgets present a challenge in implementing every strategy.

PR Insight: Trust Me

Three tips for communicating a trustworthy brand

It is said that trust is the most valuable thing you can earn. In financial services, it’s fundamental to success. Trust in financial institutions has been hard won since the 2008 financial crisis. And the financial services industry is not alone. Trust in institutions is wavering across all industries—just look at Facebook’s data scandal for proof. Rachel Botsman, world-renowned expert on trust, says this shaky ground is because institutional trust was not built for the digital age. However, there’s one truth that holds true over the ages: Trust between people is the glue that holds society together. This is where credit unions excel.

Sawyers & Jacobs Bank Tech Summit 2019: How Accelerators and Incubators May Hurt or Help Your Bank

WMA president Scott Mills spoke at the Sawyers & Jacobs 2019 Bank Tech Summit in Memphis, Tennessee about how fintech accelerators and incubators can be of service to community financial institutions. While initially, community financial institutions were skeptical in evaluating fintechs as friend or foe, in light of the rapid pace of technological change and consumer expectations, community banks and credit unions are increasingly recognizing the value of working closely with technologically advanced, agile fintechs. In his presentation, Scott discussed how accelerators and incubators are providing a path for these partnerships.

Scott kindly recorded a second version of his presentation as a webinar for those who weren’t able to attend the Bank Tech Summit, which you can view here.

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WMA Clients Well-Represented in 16th Annual IDC Fintech Top 100 Award

William Mills Agency is proud to congratulate several clients that were recognized by the 16th Annual IDC Fintech Top 100 award. The annual award recognizes companies that derive more than 1/3 of their revenue from financial institutions and are propelling the industry forward. Data is gathered from surveys completed by vendors, as well as original research and market analysis conducted by IDC Financial Insights.

“IDC is honored to recognize the technology providers that appear on the 16th annual FinTech Rankings,” said Marc DeCastro, Research Director at IDC Financial Insights. “These are the companies that have shown commitment to the financial services institutions and their appearance on the list is a testament to that dedication.”

MBA Annual 2019 Recap – Low Interest Rates Bring High Spirits and Cautious Optimism

Last week, Charlyne McWilliams represented WMA at MBA Annual in Austin, Texas, where there was an air of excitement thanks to low interest rates and a positive outlook for 2020. With about 4,000 attendees and many more people bustling around the hotels close to the Austin Convention Center for meetings, the annual convention served as an important opportunity for mortgage professionals to check the pulse of the year ahead.

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