Retail sales and marketing executives know that for a growing segment of consumers, the ease, speed and security of the payment transaction is now a major factor in the customer purchase experience. Savvy retail marketers understand that each sales transaction is more than simply moving money. It is the final link in winning or losing customer satisfaction, trust, loyalty, reputation and branding. The technology and service providers chosen by the retailer can make or break this link.

For decades, William Mills Agency has represented retail payments hardware, software, fraud detection, security, loss prevention, compliance, encryption, processing, rewards, mobile and card solutions providers. Our clients understand there is no better way to communicate their value proposition than through public relations – be it retail, banking, mobile, cards/payments or any related industry forum.

When retail executives search for technology and service partners, they need unbiased information from independent sources. Through media placements and other marketing communications efforts, our clients are helping retailers find and make better, more informed technology purchase decisions. Our clients use case studies and expert articles to address industry issues and trends that concern retailers. Through these insights, our clients build brand awareness and market credibility.