William Mills Agency

William Earl Mills, Jr., better known as “Bill” is the beloved founder of the agency. In 1977, he laid the foundation for the agency to become a recognized brand, wonderful fraternity of employees and trusted resource to outstanding customers across the U.S. and abroad.


Few people knew about Bill's role in the FSU Flying High Circus. He was a minor player in a double trapeze act in 1952.


Bill was proud to have served in the U.S. Air Force in the mid-1950s. He was a hydraulics specialist who worked on some of the country's first B52s.


Bill was always proud of having been president of his Sunday School class at Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church. He was also proud to have started the Helping Hand Fund for student nurses.


Bill had a great sense of fun. He especially enjoyed adventures with his grandchildren, and he ran the Peachtree Road Race more than 30 times. He was a devoted husband, father and friend.