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Inside Marketing: Moving Forward Means Better Training

In a time when member engagement has moved from branches to call centers and digital channels, it is critical for credit unions to leverage technology to get staff up to speed.

As more cities and states start to look at how to reopen businesses and allow people to conduct commerce safely, there are some lessons we can take from the initial shutdown to the current environment. Technology is at the heart of the lesson.

Credit unions, like every other business, had to rethink how to maintain their commitment to serving members while also protecting them and member-facing CU employees. Safety and efficiency were two primary focuses when considering how business operated during the pandemic. 

Using Internal Communications To Keep Staff Engaged in the “New Normal”

As we continue to remain socially distant for the foreseeable futureorganizations must do their best to carry on and adjust business strategies to fit the “new normal.” One of the ways businesses have adapted the most lies within their approach to flexible working policies. In fact, reports show that two-thirds of companies said at least 75% of staff were now working from home, with expectations that this trend will likely affect the traditional workplace moving forward. 

Letter from the President: Closing out Q2

I’m downright excited to share the Core Credit Union Market Leader Infographic, a highly anticipated follow up to our Core Banking Market Leaders infographic. Based on the number of installs, it features the leading companies, market share for each and list of their primary platforms.The credit union core marketplace is more crowded than banking and includes a number of vendors specific to this part of our financial industry.

5 Reasons Your Fintech Website Needs SEO ASAP

Today’s prospects prefer to do their own research before engaging with a salesperson. Because of this, appearing the first page of Google’s search results is more important than ever to attract new customers. In order to get that coveted real estate, your fintech website will need a well-rounded Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

Casey Scheer of BHMI on Permanent Changes in Consumer Payments Preferences After COVID-19

WMA president Scott Mills sat down with Casey Scheer, Director of Marketing and Sales at BHMI. BHMI develops both custom software applications and software products. They are best known for the Concourse Financial Software Suite, which is a modular software suite for the electronic payments industry.

Casey shares insights on adapting to rapid changes in the marketplace, how the pandemic has increased the adoption of touchless payments and more. She notes that, "Mobile wallets and services like Zelle are seeing a huge spike in their business because people are more comfortable with those types of payments. You don't have to physically touch money and it's more seamless. The big question is if that will be a permanent change in the consumer market." Casey predicts that these changes will have long-lasting impacts on how financial institutions can best serve customers quickly and conveniently. 

Inside Marketing: Do You PESO?

How credit unions can invigorate their PR and marketing initiatives with a comprehensive media strategy

When it comes to public relations and marketing, everyone is looking for the big secret to successful initiatives—especially in this unique time where many organizations are either slashing their budgets, canceling campaigns or looking at their current programs differently to be efficient in both communication results and cost effectiveness.

Amplify Content to Increase Brand Awareness and Lead Generation for Your Fintech Business

Now that marketing and sales have shifted toward digital channels, it is more important than ever for your business to stay relevant in the fintech space. It can be challenging to stand out when everyone is being bombarded with more online marketing than in the past. To raise awareness and increase leads, content amplification should be a major part of your content marketing strategy. Content amplification is the process of using digital channels to promote content. Here are a few tips to make sure your content reaches a larger audience and has a strong impact on your prospects and customers.

Creating Community Through Virtual Events: A Conversation with Clayton Collins, CEO and President of HousingWire

While virtual financial services events have gained popularity out of necessity, the jury is still out on whether or not these events are a true alternative to in-person events. Will such events continue even after it's safe to book a flight and crowd onto a trade show floor?

[Atlanta Business Radio] Leveraging Content Marketing to Support Sales Goals During COVID-19

Consumers are increasingly wary of blatant sales pitches. They want sales efforts to be educational, insightful and, above all, helpful. While increased lead generation is certainly a positive side effect of content marketing, the content you create also helps position your company as a trustworthy thought leader. Prospects feel as though they have a relationship with your company before you even engage them in a person-to-person conversation.

Planning and Executing a Successful Virtual Event or Webinar

If you’ve ever hosted a webinar or virtual event, you know it’s no small task. However, they are well worth the effort when executed correctly. We have found that webinars and other virtual events can be some of the best generators of qualified leads and because of social distancing, many companies in the financial services industry have pivoted to virtual events this year. In fact, we have compiled a comprehensive list of virtual financial services events for you.  

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