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Does My Business Suit Still Fit? A Return to In-Person Industry Events and What It Means for Your Public Relations Strategy

Much has changed in the world of business over the past 18 months and perhaps no particular sector of American business has been impacted as much as conferences and special events. What once were mainstays upon which budgets were set and the annual corporate calendar revolved, the financial services industry – like most others – saw an almost exclusive shift to virtual hosting of conferences, user group meetings, association events, etc. And while conference committees have been pushed to be creative in finding ways to still host events in a virtual environment (Zoom break-out sessions, anyone?), the reality is that most attendees and sponsors found something lacking.

The Power of Your People

The value your media coverage brings to your clients doesn’t stop once it is published. It is important to encourage your clients, employees, and peers to share media coverage through their own social media to get the most out of any organic and earned media. This practice is free marketing and displays a sense of pride and unity from the company.

The Best of Modern Marketing: Lessons Learned from INBOUND 2021

HubSpot’s INBOUND 2021 Conference was an exciting three-day event where our team heard from some of the top industry leaders in marketing and business about current and future trends. Although still virtual, the insights and networking obtained from this experience mirrored the value of an in-person event. The sessions offered an understanding of topics ranging from email marketing, SEO, social media advertising and much more. Here are the key themes and takeaways from this year’s conference. 

The Art of Overcommunicating

Many people believe they are clear communicators until a mishap happens. While communication in its purest form has not changed, providing and receiving information, how it is done has drastically changed. There are verbal, written, and visual avenues to convey information. What we have learned is that communicating effectively with people sometimes includes over-communicating.

Finovate Fall Recap: Happiest Crowd in Years

Finovate Fall 2021 was back in person and better than ever. Over 1,100 fintech professionals and industry leaders joined the event in New York City for a three-day conference filled with innovative content and cutting-edge demos. With the pandemic still a primary concern among Americans, the conference required proof of vaccination in order to attend – a trend that is likely to continue for industry events in the future. WMA CEO, William Mills, was joined by senior vice president Heather Sugg at this year’s conference for what they described as “The happiest crowd in years.” Here are the key highlights and takeaways from this year’s conference.

Inside Marketing: 4 Social Media Channels To Better Engage With Gen Zers And Millennials

Consistently sharing the right content on the right platform will boost credit unions’ education and membership efforts.

Credit unions have lost a lot of ground with Gen Z and millennials. Why? Mainly because the majority of young adults are not familiar with credit unions. According to a survey of more than 500 college students done by Zogo, 76% of respondents did not know what a credit union was. Those that do know are likely to believe that credit unions are less accessible and more complicated to sign up for than banks.

Become One of the Three Percent

Earlier this year, media database company Propel conducted a survey that found reporters only respond to 3.27% of the pitches they receive. Even more, the report found that journalists only open about 29% of the pitches they receive each day. That means the average PR campaign will need to send 31 pitches to get a response from one of them.

Inside Marketing: Are Neobanks Stealing Credit Unions’ Thunder?

Increased and high-quality competition on the digital banking front is now targeting specialized consumer bases. 

For decades, credit unions have set themselves apart from their bank competitors through focusing on superior levels of service to their membership, driven in large part by hyper-specialization in serving a particular professional, demographic or geographic membership base. Increasingly, however, banks—and so-called “neobanks,” in particular—have begun to shift their strategy to incorporate more of the credit union playbook into their own marketing and growth initiatives.

The Most Talked About Generation and How They Add Value in PR

Millennials have a bad reputation. With all the negative articles and stereotypes floating around, we are oftentimes judged prematurely based on age and misunderstood as lazy and entitled. But what the world must soon realize is that we are quickly becoming new faces of company management, and more millennials, like Mark Zuckerberg, are running startups and highly influential companies. Millennials will soon run the world.

Here are a few ways that millennials can significantly contribute to a communication program, and make any company a more well-rounded, diverse workplace.

Accelerated: Teslar and Bank of Zachary

We're back with a new episode  of Accelerated, a podcast series that gives a behind-the-scenes look at how fintech-banking deals are made and why they’re important.

PR Strategies

for Larger Enterprises vs. One Product Companies

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