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Encouraging Employee Buy-In To Support Social Media Promotion of Your Fintech Brand

There’s no denying social media is a great tool for creating consistent, genuine interest in your brand and business. While historically companies in the financial industry (and B2B in general) have been slower to embrace social media, more fintech companies are recognizing its importance in supporting marketing and lead generation. And while fintech companies are certainly upping their game, a frequently overlooked (but very important) component of any successful social media campaign is employee engagement.

Gated Content vs. Ungated Content: Which is Best for Fintech Marketing Campaigns?


In any fintech marketing campaign, you’re probably using some form of content to attract leads, right? You’ve created exceptional content that your audience will enjoy and hopefully, act upon. Producing high quality content requires a lot of resources. You want to get maximum exposure, but you also need to get a measurable return on your investment

This often leads to the question: to gate or not to gate your content? To determine an answer, you must first understand what each of these terms means.

Benefits of a Fintech Specific PR Agency

Financial technology companies interested in working with a public relations firm need to be aware of the very specific benefits that come with hiring an agency that specializes in their industries.

Here are three key reasons to hire a fintech PR and marketing agency. 

1. They speak the language.
Financial services companies have their own language, culture and processes that are very different from any other industry. They need people with experience who better understand both the business and social context of the technology they are providing. PR firms that specialize in fintech will be able to create distinctive messaging that resonates with target audiences.

Measuring Effectiveness of Your Fintech PR Programs

When a company chooses to run a public relations campaign, they need to be able to measure and evaluate the success of the public relations efforts in order to get the maximum value. Without measurement, the resources they dedicate towards public relations will be unfocused and less effective.

So, how can you measure the results and impact of a public relations campaign?

There are plenty of things you can measure, but it generally boils down to output, engagement and outcomes. Looking for a simple solution or report is akin to relying on a single source of truth, therefore the best approach is looking at multiple data points and agreeing on what are the benchmarks of success.  

Scott Mills Reviews  Financial Services Industry Trends in the 2019 Bankers as Buyers Report

The annual Bankers as Buyers report is a free resource for financial services companies to gain insight into the market and prepare for the year ahead.  “Bankers as Buyers enables people within the financial industry to gain insight into the emerging trends that will increasingly matter the most to bankers,” said Scott Mills, president of WMA and publisher of Bankers as Buyers. 

Highlights of this year's report include employee-facing technology; talent development and the rise of outsourcing; early-stage fintech and the maturing of fintech accelerators and incubators; and strengthening relationships with small businesses.  

In the interview below, Scott poses some hard-hitting questions many in the financial services industry are (or should be) asking themselves. How can we bring the Amazon or Uber experience to employee-facing technology? How will banks improve talent retention and talent development? These questions and more are addressed in the 2019 Bankers as Buyers report

PR Insight: Working With Generation Z

Video, personalization and privacy are key factors for winning over this group of potential members.

If your credit union isn’t already thinking about how to engage with the new generation of consumers, Generation Z, it should be. According to research from Bloomberg, Gen Z is set to surpass millennials in 2019 as the most populous generation, making up about 32 percent of the global population. They are also making a big impact on purchasing decisions. According to Nielsen, millennial buying power is an estimated $65 billion; the working members of Gen Z have already eclipsed that with an estimated $100 billion in purchasing power, according to a 2018 Barkley study.

Letter from the Publisher: 2019 Bankers as Buyers Report

Dear Readers,

What a fascinating year we had and how might it impact where we spend money on financial technology in 2019. Here are shifts and issues we’ve noticed and included in this year’s report:

  1. User experience discussions for employee-facing technology – How can bankers have more visually appealing and easier to use technology to help them be more productive and even, God forbid, make it more pleasant to do their job?
  2. Talent development and rise in outsourcing services – last year we touched on “talent wars” and competing with FANG: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. This year, we are seeing an emphasis on keeping and developing talent and an increase in supplementing internal resources with consulting organizations for tech planning and implementation. Additionally, more organizations are offering to assume the risk responsibility of services such as Chief Security Officer, which are particularly hard for community financial institutions (CFIs) to attract and retain.

Five Financial Services Marketing Campaigns We Love

The world of fintech is not just about the technology. It’s also about being creative, original and innovative in other important areas such as marketing. Take WMA client, Safe Systems, for example. Their marketing efforts resulted in an 87 percent increase in revenue, and more than 50 percent increase in monthly visits to their website.

Today is Valentine’s Day, and everyone’s heads are filled with thoughts of chocolate, flowers and teddy bears. In honor of this season, here are the top creative fintech marketing campaigns you might “fall in love” with:

5 Reasons Your Company Should Be Attending More Financial Industry Trade Shows in 2019

For many of you, it may seem like your yearly calendar is already full, but it’s important to make space for personal and professional growth this year. Attending financial industry trade shows is not only a great way to make new connections and expand your expertise, but it can also be an important strategic step for your company. Here are five reasons we believe you should attend more financial industry trade shows in 2019, and be sure to download WMA’s 2019 Trade Show Directory when you’re ready to start planning.

The Best PR Recoveries of 2018: Crisis Management Strategies Fintechs Can Learn From

The New Year is upon us and as public relations professionals, it’s important we not only examine future trends, but also take a look at lessons from the past. In 2018 we saw a rich crop of PR crises pop up across a variety of industries, providing numerous examples to learn from.

In today’s environment, it’s really no longer a matter of if – but when – your organization will fall under fire. Crisis management is an especially valid concern for companies in the financial services industry that are trusted with extremely sensitive data. We’ve compiled a list of the top PR recoveries in 2018, each of which contains a valuable takeaway that can be applied to any business:

PR Strategies

for Larger Enterprises vs. One Product Companies

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