Provide the Right Response for any Scenario

In times of unexpected challenges, organizations cannot afford the luxury of time to familiarize themselves with our industry. Our experts here at William Mills Agency are prepared to collaborate with your management team, legal advisors, and communications unit to develop and implement the most suitable response for any given situation. We have effectively guided our clients and safeguarded their reputations across a spectrum of events, such as litigation, data compromises, security breaches, M&A, leveraged buyouts, and more. Unfortunately, crises can strike even the most well-managed organizations, regardless of size. They emerge suddenly and can significantly impact your reputation, revenue, and team morale. William Mills Agency stands ready to equip your company with the fundamental elements crucial for crisis management: strategic planning and decisive action.


Crisis communication is an important addition to your public relations program. There are five things you need to do before a crisis ever happens:

1. Team

Appoint a crisis team to manage communications

2. Process

Develop processes for communications

3. Spokesperson

Identify and train your spokesperson

4. Pinpoint

Pinpoint common situations

5. Contingency

Create crisis contingency plans

You must be ready to react quickly, professionally and comprehensively. Your legal and PR team must work together in preparation for an emergency, which will ease the impact of any crisis.


Many crises arise unexpectedly, catching organizations off guard. That's where our expertise comes into play, enabling us to take immediate action. Our crisis communication services are designed to swiftly ready your company for effective communication with employees, media, customers, and investors. We assist in crafting response plans that mitigate the impact and risks linked to crisis situations. In the event that public disclosure becomes unavoidable, we proactively collaborate with you to transparently communicate your role, responsibilities, and resolution to all relevant audiences.

Crucially, in the realm of crisis communications, maintaining focus and consistency across all messaging channels is paramount to minimizing potential damage to your business.