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Sawyers & Jacobs Bank Tech Summit 2019: How Accelerators and Incubators May Hurt or Help Your Bank

WMA president Scott Mills spoke at the Sawyers & Jacobs 2019 Bank Tech Summit in Memphis, Tennessee about how fintech accelerators and incubators can be of service to community financial institutions. While initially, community financial institutions were skeptical in evaluating fintechs as friend or foe, in light of the rapid pace of technological change and consumer expectations, community banks and credit unions are increasingly recognizing the value of working closely with technologically advanced, agile fintechs. In his presentation, Scott discussed how accelerators and incubators are providing a path for these partnerships.

Scott kindly recorded a second version of his presentation as a webinar for those who weren’t able to attend the Bank Tech Summit, which you can view here.

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10  Fun Facts About Georgia's Thriving Fintech Industry

For many, when asked what they associate with Georgia, they’ll likely reference peaches, peanuts, Coca-Cola or the state’s rich musical heritage (Ray Charles, Allman Brothers, Otis Redding, R.E.M., among others), but few likely know that Georgia has emerged as a hub for technology -- specifically, financial technology (fintech). As 2018 draws to an end, we would like to celebrate Georgia’s influence on the fintech ecosystem by sharing some interesting facts about on the state’s impact on the industry through the years:

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