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PR Insight: How to Develop and Share Your Credit Union’s Best Stories with the Community

Credit unions have a lot on their plates, from helping members succeed financially to managing branches and introducing new technologies. However, the frequent emergence of shiny new tools doesn’t mean your CU’s marketing team should ignore the important art of storytelling. As community organizations with the philosophy of people helping people, it’s important for credit unions to connect with those people. Sharing authentic stories in meaningful ways can help strengthen member relationships, collaborate with other organizations and grow. 

Credit unions have many stories to tell, which presents a significant opportunity as well as a challenge. Endless options and angles can make deciding which story to share difficult. People typically enjoy feel-good stories with thought-provoking takeaways—and luckily, the credit union industry is filled with them. 

Benefits of a Fintech Specific PR Agency

Financial technology companies interested in working with a public relations firm need to be aware of the very specific benefits that come with hiring an agency that specializes in their industries.

Here are three key reasons to hire a fintech PR and marketing agency. 

1. They speak the language.
Financial services companies have their own language, culture and processes that are very different from any other industry. They need people with experience who better understand both the business and social context of the technology they are providing. PR firms that specialize in fintech will be able to create distinctive messaging that resonates with target audiences.

Measuring Effectiveness of Your Fintech PR Programs

When a company chooses to run a public relations campaign, they need to be able to measure and evaluate the success of the public relations efforts in order to get the maximum value. Without measurement, the resources they dedicate towards public relations will be unfocused and less effective.

So, how can you measure the results and impact of a public relations campaign?

There are plenty of things you can measure, but it generally boils down to output, engagement and outcomes. Looking for a simple solution or report is akin to relying on a single source of truth, therefore the best approach is looking at multiple data points and agreeing on what are the benchmarks of success.  

PR Insight: Working With Generation Z

Video, personalization and privacy are key factors for winning over this group of potential members.

If your credit union isn’t already thinking about how to engage with the new generation of consumers, Generation Z, it should be. According to research from Bloomberg, Gen Z is set to surpass millennials in 2019 as the most populous generation, making up about 32 percent of the global population. They are also making a big impact on purchasing decisions. According to Nielsen, millennial buying power is an estimated $65 billion; the working members of Gen Z have already eclipsed that with an estimated $100 billion in purchasing power, according to a 2018 Barkley study.

How to Maximize Your Financial Public Relations Investment

So you’ve recognized the need for meaningful earned media coverage for your company and have hired a PR agency – that’s great! But now what?

While hiring an agency is smart step in maximizing your public relations results, maintaining involvement in PR activities is crucial to maximize the return on your investment. Even if your agency is well established in the financial services industry, a truism in our industry is that there must be a real partnership between agency and client to succeed, especially in financial public relations.

What Fintechs Can Learn from #FijiGirl

 It’s that time of year again! No, I’m not talking about New Year’s Resolutions or executing on business goals and strategies for 2019…I’m talking about award show season. Many see award show season as a time to recognize today’s top actors, actresses, writers and directors for their achievements in film and TV, however this year’s first major award show has already provided us with a key lesson in public relations that even fintech companies can take note of.

In An Increasingly Digital World, Face-To-Face Media Tours Still Matter

While platforms like GoToMeeting and Skype have proven their worth as effective communications tools for busy executives, there is still a quality of experience that a true, in-person meeting provides which digital means have not yet succeeded in matching. Whether finalizing a sale or securing that key round of funding, fintech executives know that closing that deal usually requires a face-to-face interaction.

PR Insight: 3 Twitter Tactics To Help Your Organization Connect with Key Audiences

Over the past several years, social media has become an effective tool for credit unions to connect with their members, colleagues and even technology partners. Twitter, in particular, has proven to be a dynamic channel for sharing messages and interacting with key audiences. 

PR Insight: Going the Distance With Your PR Program

Best practices for creating and executing a solid public relations plan.

As featured in this month's CUES PR Insights. 

Many times, when business is good and clients or members are happy, companies forget how important it is to maintain a consistent PR plan—and to trust the plan if it is working. In fact, some leaders are guilty of wanting to dismantle a perfectly solid media relations program for no other reason than it has been in place for a while. I want to encourage you to not do that. 

What Do You Stand For: A Glimpse Into Modern Day CSR

The term corporate social responsibility had an entirely different meaning just 10 or so years ago when I first learned about it in the context of public relations. I was taught then that it was mostly an internal strategy or ethic policy for an organization to follow, almost to self-regulate or create some type of desired sentiment or employee support around a specific initiative.

PR Strategies

for Larger Enterprises vs. One Product Companies

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