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Company Culture and Brand Reputation: Lessons from

If you’ve paid any attention to the news in the last couple months, then you’ve heard about Not because of a great PR campaign or anything – unfortunately, it’s because of their toxic leadership and resulting company culture.

A Look Ahead: WMA’s 2022 Marketing and PR Predictions

2021 was a whirlwind year for many, as evolving consumer preferences and continued health concerns forced many businesses to shift their strategies. As we work on our annual Bankers as Buyers report, which highlights predictions and trends for the financial services industry, we couldn’t help but wonder what the next year will bring. We reached out to the rest of the WMA team to see what they thought. Here are a few PR and marketing industry predictions for 2022:

Is TikTok Right for Your Fintech’s Communications Strategy?

The fear of missing out, or FOMO, affects nearly everybody. FOMO is a powerful social force that compels people to join in on popular trends and experiences. While FOMO as a concept predates social media, feelings associated with it have grown more intense with the rise of these platforms. Whether it’s about a party you didn’t get invited to or the latest industry trend, FOMO can manifest in personal and professional matters. Lately, the hottest trend in communications and marketing is TikTok, the fastest-growing social media network in the world. While many companies are eager to capitalize on this growth, others wonder if TikTok is right for them. 

Podcasts: A Relevant and Effective Alternative to Print Media

Even in the most forward-thinking relationships, public relations practitioners and their clients can sometimes get comfortable with their regular routine of scheduled press releases and published bylines. The media attention is consistent, and a complacent approach to PR can become accepted as the norm. It’s the responsibility of the PR team to find alternative forms of media that diversify their client’s repertoire. Fortunately, as the public yearns for new and exciting ways to consume content, podcasting has become a channel highly utilized by media professionals.

Bringing New Ideas to the Table: How to Efficiently Brainstorm

Productive brainstorming is key to cultivating fresh concepts and new content for a public relations program. When done proactively, it can fuel the PR pipeline throughout the year. It’s important to remember that brainstorming sessions can easily miss the mark without the proper direction. As a result, these meetings can fail to generate solid and innovative strategies, plans or actions. Before you jump into your next brainstorming session, consider the below ideas to successfully bring inventive ideas to the table and put them into action.

Building Brand Awareness: How to Transform Your Local Presence Into a National Brand

A key goal for many growing companies is to expand beyond local recognition to become a well-known national brand. This is where a comprehensive, strategic PR and marketing plan can come in, helping to boost visibility and awareness. Here are a few key areas to focus on.

Does My Business Suit Still Fit? A Return to In-Person Industry Events and What It Means for Your Public Relations Strategy

Much has changed in the world of business over the past 18 months and perhaps no particular sector of American business has been impacted as much as conferences and special events. What once were mainstays upon which budgets were set and the annual corporate calendar revolved, the financial services industry – like most others – saw an almost exclusive shift to virtual hosting of conferences, user group meetings, association events, etc. And while conference committees have been pushed to be creative in finding ways to still host events in a virtual environment (Zoom break-out sessions, anyone?), the reality is that most attendees and sponsors found something lacking.

The Power of Your People

The value your media coverage brings to your clients doesn’t stop once it is published. It is important to encourage your clients, employees, and peers to share media coverage through their own social media to get the most out of any organic and earned media. This practice is free marketing and displays a sense of pride and unity from the company.

The Art of Overcommunicating

Many people believe they are clear communicators until a mishap happens. While communication in its purest form has not changed, providing and receiving information, how it is done has drastically changed. There are verbal, written, and visual avenues to convey information. What we have learned is that communicating effectively with people sometimes includes over-communicating.

Become One of the Three Percent

Earlier this year, media database company Propel conducted a survey that found reporters only respond to 3.27% of the pitches they receive. Even more, the report found that journalists only open about 29% of the pitches they receive each day. That means the average PR campaign will need to send 31 pitches to get a response from one of them.

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