Are Your 2024 PR Plans as Shiny as A Red Ryder BB Gun?

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Are your 2024 PR strategies as polished as a Red Ryder BB Gun? With Christmas and the year-end on the horizon, it's a time for reflection on the past and anticipation for the future. Companies are diligently shaping plans for 2024 across various domains such as product development, investments, technology, and notably, marketing and PR initiatives. 

During the 24 hours leading up to Christmas Day, TBS and TNT captivate audiences with the timeless classic "A Christmas Story." While millions are drawn to this realistic portrayal of Christmas activities, there's a specific group that can glean valuable insights—PR and marketing professionals. 

As we step into 2024, consider these lessons from "A Christmas Story" to integrate into your plans: 

  1. Is Your Messaging of Quality, or Does it Deserve A Mouthful of Soap?

As the new year approaches, assess your organization's messaging. Does it effectively encapsulate your services and initiatives? Ensure that any shifts in focus or new products are reflected in your messaging. The transition to a new year provides an ideal moment to reassess and refresh your messaging, aligning it with the upcoming year's priorities and goals. Prospective clients seek clear and concise information about your organization, avoiding confusion caused by verbose language. 

  1. Don't Just Be Another Crummy Commercial

Drawing inspiration from Ralphie's disappointment in "Little Orphan Annie's" secret code turning out to be a mundane Ovaltine message, apply this lesson to thought leadership initiatives. When crafting content, consider, "What would Ralphie say?" Ensure that your articles or topics offer genuine value to the reader, steering clear of becoming just another unremarkable commercial. 

  1. A Major Award

With the new year comes fresh opportunities to showcase your company's achievements through awards. Similar to the leg lamp adorning Old Man Parker's window, actual awards can be proudly displayed on your office walls and website. Winning accolades validate your company's work and serve as a powerful endorsement, drawing attention and admiration from your audience. 

As you implement your 2024 PR plans, let the lessons from "A Christmas Story" guide you. Prioritize quality messaging, avoid being just another crummy commercial, and proudly celebrate your achievements as if receiving a major award. May your PR plans shine as brightly as a Red Ryder BB Gun in the eyes of your audience in the coming year. 

And if you need some help with your 2024 PR and Marketing initiatives, reach out to your friends here at William Mills Agency. Happy planning and happy holidays! 

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