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The 2019 CUSO Resource Guide for Fintechs

While many in the credit union industry already work with – or are at least familiar with – CUSOs, others are unfamiliar with the CUSO landscape and why it is important to their business.

Former NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar told CUtoday, “Some of the most progressive credit unions in the country are sharing risk, expanding services and dramatically increasing their non-interest income through strategic CUSO investments.” Many CUSOs offer multiple services to credit unions and their members. Many CUSOs offer services in areas such as lending, member services, and payment and electronic transaction processing, and CUSOs offering innovative fintech solutions are on the rise. For example, agency client CULedger focuses on delivering innovative applications to credit unions through its cross-border global distributed ledger platform. Another client, Payrailz, recently announced the launch of its new CUSO, CU Payz, which allows credit unions to partner with Payrailz to develop new, innovative payments technologies, services and experiences.

Finovate Fall 2019 Recap – Fintech Trends, “Best of Show” and the Inaugural Finovate Awards

Another Finovate Fall has come and gone, and the event seems to get bigger and more influential with each iteration. As always, it was an exciting opportunity to see new companies and solutions that may soon change the industry, with 60% of the companies demoing for the first time and 55% representing seed or early-stage startups. Over half of the demos were new company or product debuts featuring business intelligence, chatbots, digital banking, employee benefits, financial planning, insurance, lending, payments, risk management, security, wealth management, and more. Here are a few key trends and event highlights stood out to us.

Five Ways To Make Financial Services Marketing Emails More Effective

Email remains one of the most effective marketing strategies B2B companies use to reach their target audiences. Assuming you’re following best practices for inbound marketing, your contact database is full of people who have already expressed interest in your product or services. Making the most of this opportunity requires a strategic approach. Below are five email marketing techniques financial services companies should keep in mind.

#Inbound2019: New Content Marketing Tools To Help Fintechs “Grow Better”

Last week, WMA attended Inbound 2019 in Boston alongside 26,000 other eager marketers. We got to hear from celebrities and thought leaders alike including actress and co-founder of Once Upon A Farm, Jennifer Garner; TV host and journalist, Katie Couric; and Bryan Stevenson, founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative. Brian Halligan, founder and CEO of HubSpot, focused his attention on the emergence of what he calls “experience disruptors” -- companies like Netflix, Lyft, Chewy and DoorDash, who understand that product-market fit is no longer enough to succeed in today’s market. Customer experience, or what Brian dubs “experience-market fit” has now emerged as perhaps the last remaining differentiating factor.

PR Insight: Using Social Media To Connect With Members & Reach New Ones

What is your credit union’s social media strategy and how will you manage it?

With social media setting a new standard for engagement and communication, credit unions are in a unique position to exceed member expectations and continue providing superior member service by utilizing social media tools, targeting specific audiences and varying content across their platforms. 

Fostering member relationships shouldn’t end when members walk out the door or log off their mobile app. From checking Facebook updates to posting pictures on Instagram to perusing Tweets from their favorite celebrities, consumers are spending an average of two hours and 22 minutes on social networks every day, according to Digital Information World. This means that using social media to engage with your members can be key in continuing the conversation with them while also connecting with potential new members.

Building Brand Awareness for a B2B Fintech using PR and Marketing

While some differences do exist, building brand awareness in B2B markets is still just as important it is for companies marketing to consumers. For fintechs looking to up their B2B brand, here are proven recommendations:

Cast a Wide Net
To build brand awareness for your fintech, it’s important to create a presence in multiple places and have a diverse library of content. This includes industry publications, multiple social media platforms, blogging and trade shows, just to name a few. However, you don’t need to expend resources everywhere. For example, the president of a billion-dollar bank is unlikely to be found on Snapchat, but he or she is likely spending time on LinkedIn. Focus efforts on a few key content types and platforms where you can succeed and reach the decision makers that matter most.

What Can Fintechs Learn from the Biggest Public Relations Scandals Of 2018?

Every organization, even the largest of companies, is subject to making public relations mistakes when responding to a crisis. As many have learned the hard way however, the most important factor is often how you respond. Ensuring your fintech’s public relations strategy includes a comprehensive crisis communications plan can help prevent a small mistake from turning into a much larger disaster that can erode customer trust. The latest white paper from William Mills Agency, Top 10 PR Nightmares of 2018, reviews PR mistakes made by some of the biggest companies in the world. Just one example that is highlighted is Lockheed Martin’s failed Twitter campaign.

Why Social Media Should Be A Part Of Your Fintech Trade Show Strategy

Maximizing participation in industry trade shows is a key component of any fintech PR program, but simply showing up and taking cards at the booth is not enough anymore. Conference managers, speakers, attendees and vendors are increasingly leveraging social media to promote their participation in trade shows – before, during and after the event. In fact, many conference goers (including your prospects) are using social media to set their schedules before they even leave home. Trade show participation often requires a significant investment in terms of time and money, so here are some recommendations on using social media to get the most out of your investment:

PR Insight: Leveraging Awards To Grow Your Business

Industry and community recognition provides a great opportunity to attract new members.

The laborious process of applying for industry awards can prove stressful and painstakingly long for credit union marketers. They may not consider the countless hours of drafting and editing award nominations the most enjoyable work, but the euphoria that permeates throughout the organization after winning makes it worthwhile. Awards play a key role in feeding the public relations and marketing engine, which supports the credit union’s overall business goals. When utilized correctly, awards serve as tools to attract new members, inform existing members of organizational leadership and innovation and strengthen the credit union’s brand. 

Fintech Media Training 101: Three Tips to Nail Your Next Interview


The right earned media coverage can be a game changer for your business and a key factor in achieving this begins with mastering the art of the interview.

For many fintech executives, interviews can be a bit intimidating – especially when it’s up to you to speak on behalf of your entire company. The good news is that serving as an effective spokesperson is a coachable skill. As an agency, we have had the opportunity to train hundreds of executives and there are a few tips that go a long way toward ensuring that an upcoming media interview converts into great media coverage:

PR Strategies

for Larger Enterprises vs. One Product Companies

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