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Catching Up on All Things Finovate Fall Digital with CEO William Mills

Like so much this year, Finovate Fall Digital was a departure from the norm, but still featured a host of cutting edge demos and thought leadership from some of the best that the world of fintech has to offer. William Mills Agency was again well represented with agency CEO, William Mills, Heather Sugg, and K.T. Mills-Grimes all in attendance, and while this was the first time as a virtual event, Finovate still showcased 1300+ key fintech influencers, 120+ expert speakers, and 25 demo companies.

Finovate Fall Video Interview with Finzly

With Day 2 of Finovate Fall Digital 2020 under wraps, William Mills Agency Vice President Heather Sugg was able to catch up with Finzly CTO, Terry Howell, in a virtual interview to discuss Finzly’s demo, his thoughts on the digital event, and predictions for 2021 in the fintech industry.

Finovate Fall Video Interview with Glia

While this fall's event may be looking different from years past, Finovate Fall Digital 2020 is in full swing, with a week's worth of keynote addresses, demos, and online networking.  William Mills Agency Vice President Heather Sugg had the chance to sit down with Glia CEO and co-founder, Dan Michaeli, to get his thoughts on Finovate’s digital event this year as well as an inside scoop into what Glia’s demo at the event will look like.

Infographic: Mobile Banking Market Leaders (Banks)

We are proud to share our latest infographic, the Mobile Banking Market Leaders for Banks Infographic. Based on the number of institutional installs and U.S. FI clients in 2020, our infographic features the leading companies in the industry and market shares for each. The future of banking has turned digital and by shifting their products and services to online platforms, these leaders in the industry have proven the success of a new model for banking.

Building Fintech Brand Authority Through Earned and Owned Media

Owned media includes anything that is produced and housed on the company’s own channels, including its website, emails or social media platforms. Typically, this encompasses all content marketing activities. Owned media is not only crucial for SEO, it also helps position the company as a helpful resource. Companies have complete control over their owned media, enabling them to pivot quickly to create content about trending topics or emerging pain points.

5 Ways to Repurpose Marketing Content to Make Sales

A pillar of Content Marketing Services at William Mills Agency is that Marketing and Sales should work together when creating content. Salespeople speak with prospects on a daily basis. They know their pain points and frequently asked questions. By working together to leverage this information, Marketing can create impactful content that not only brings inbound leads, but can also be repurposed in the selling process.  

Why White Papers Are the Most Critical Component of a Lead Generation Program

White papers serve a number of important functions, such positioning your company as a thought leader and providing content for distribution among prospects. However, the area in which white papers excel above most (if not all) other forms of content is lead generation.  

Inside Marketing: Moving Forward Means Better Training

In a time when member engagement has moved from branches to call centers and digital channels, it is critical for credit unions to leverage technology to get staff up to speed.

As more cities and states start to look at how to reopen businesses and allow people to conduct commerce safely, there are some lessons we can take from the initial shutdown to the current environment. Technology is at the heart of the lesson.

Credit unions, like every other business, had to rethink how to maintain their commitment to serving members while also protecting them and member-facing CU employees. Safety and efficiency were two primary focuses when considering how business operated during the pandemic. 

Using Internal Communications To Keep Staff Engaged in the “New Normal”

As we continue to remain socially distant for the foreseeable futureorganizations must do their best to carry on and adjust business strategies to fit the “new normal.” One of the ways businesses have adapted the most lies within their approach to flexible working policies. In fact, reports show that two-thirds of companies said at least 75% of staff were now working from home, with expectations that this trend will likely affect the traditional workplace moving forward. 

Letter from the President: Closing out Q2

I’m downright excited to share the Core Credit Union Market Leader Infographic, a highly anticipated follow up to our Core Banking Market Leaders infographic. Based on the number of installs, it features the leading companies, market share for each and list of their primary platforms.The credit union core marketplace is more crowded than banking and includes a number of vendors specific to this part of our financial industry.

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