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What School Doesn't Teach You About Public Relations

Thousands of public relations and marketing graduates are starting their careers and are ready to use the skills they learned in school. Having been in that position not too long ago, I have learned that there are many skills and situations that school that can prepare you for and there are other lessons you can only learn on the job.

Take Your Time: How Patience Can Lead to Better Results

In a world geared for speed and increased efficiency, there is no shortage of productivity techniques and tools to help us save time and complete more tasks each day. However, despite access to infinite technologies and methods to conserve time (e.g., cars, email, virtual meetings, etc.), we do not have much control over how our time plays out. Having an extensive workload and a perceived lack of control can quickly lead to feeling burned out. Completing work in a timely manner is important but focusing our attention on a “quality over quantity” approach can help eliminate stress and improve work performance.

PR Strategies

for Larger Enterprises vs. One Product Companies

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