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WMA & The Venture Center's New Podcast: Accelerated

William Mills Agency and The Venture Center have partnered together to launch a new podcast series called Accelerated. Throughout the series, industry experts will share a behind-the-scenes look at how fintech-banking deals are made, and why they’re important.

Infographic: Leading Credit Unions in Mobile Banking

In unison with our recent infographic on Mobile Banking Market Leaders for Banks, we are proud to share its partner infographic, the Mobile Banking Market Leaders for Credit Unions Infographic. Based on the number of institutional installs and U.S. FI clients with over $100 million in assets in 2020, our infographic features the leading credit unions in the industry and market shares for each. 

Infographic: Mobile Banking Market Leaders (Banks)

We are proud to share our latest infographic, the Mobile Banking Market Leaders for Banks Infographic. Based on the number of institutional installs and U.S. FI clients in 2020, our infographic features the leading companies in the industry and market shares for each. The future of banking has turned digital and by shifting their products and services to online platforms, these leaders in the industry have proven the success of a new model for banking.

Letter from the Publisher: 2019 Bankers as Buyers Report

Dear Readers,

What a fascinating year we had and how might it impact where we spend money on financial technology in 2019. Here are shifts and issues we’ve noticed and included in this year’s report:

  1. User experience discussions for employee-facing technology – How can bankers have more visually appealing and easier to use technology to help them be more productive and even, God forbid, make it more pleasant to do their job?
  2. Talent development and rise in outsourcing services – last year we touched on “talent wars” and competing with FANG: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. This year, we are seeing an emphasis on keeping and developing talent and an increase in supplementing internal resources with consulting organizations for tech planning and implementation. Additionally, more organizations are offering to assume the risk responsibility of services such as Chief Security Officer, which are particularly hard for community financial institutions (CFIs) to attract and retain.

BAI Beacon 2018 Lights the Path Forward for Bankers

More than 1,000 attendees recently gathered in Orlando, Florida with access to 120 speakers at 75 sessions over the course of three days to learn about the future of the retail banking industry. Of course, it would be impossible to catch all of the speakers in that amount of time, but that’s part of the beauty of BAI—attendees have the ability to customize their experience by choosing topics and sessions that most interest them and/or most impact their business, whether AI or digital transformation or compliance, everything in-between. In an industry characterized by constant change, one question seemed to underlie all of this year’s discussions—what’s next for banking?

What Will Bankers Purchase in 2018?

In general, financial institutions are starting 2018 off in better financial shape than in previous years, and while they will continue to focus on traditionally important areas of their businesses such as compliance, eliminating fraud and refining delivery channel strategies, there are many other key areas of technology and innovation

Letter from the Editor: 2018 Bankers as Buyers Report


I am proud to announce the availability of our annual Bankers as Buyers report. Every year we strive to build a report that identifies the trends and major drivers in banking innovation. Our mission is to separate the hype from reality and to help clarify what technologies and market

What We Can Learn From The Year of The Cybersecurity Breach

From Yahoo to Uber and everything in between, 2017 has been the year of the cyberattack. As you might imagine, we’ve crafted a host of stories for clients that’s required a great deal of research on the topic and we thought we might share some of what we found of

SourceMedia’s Small Business Banking Conference Show – No Shortage of Innovation

Customer experience, automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), ease of use, flexibility – all of these were part of the discussions at this year’s SourceMedia’s Small Business Banking Conference in Austin, Texas. Now in its 23rd year, the conference featured more than 20 technology providers and rallied together innovators from

“The One” Show You Can’t Miss: MBA Annual 2017 in Review

While October may mean college football and pumpkin spice lattes to some, for our agency and many of our clients, October is dedicated to all things MBA Annual. This year, MBA’s Annual Convention & Expo took attendees to the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado for a full four days

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