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Become One of the Three Percent

Earlier this year, media database company Propel conducted a survey that found reporters only respond to 3.27% of the pitches they receive. Even more, the report found that journalists only open about 29% of the pitches they receive each day. That means the average PR campaign will need to send 31 pitches to get a response from one of them.

PR Insight: Who Do You Trust?

Building an authentic brand in an era of distrust.

As featured in this month’s CUES PR Insights.

Do you trust me?

Such a simple question has significant ramifications for credit unions. Every day, millions of people place their trust in credit unions and other financial institutions. They are trusting these institutions with securing their money, having their best financial interests at heart and offering products that are not exploitative.

PR Strategies

for Larger Enterprises vs. One Product Companies

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