PR Answers: Broaden Your Press Release Reach

PR Answers: Broaden Your Press Release Reach

In public relations, the most notable and utilized tool in the kit is the press release. That being said, this multi-faceted tool can present both a challenge and opportunity for credit unions.

While a press release is a great way to keep current and potential members informed of your latest achievements and offerings, if done incorrectly it can become a needle lost in the haystack of news.

Here are three ways you can enhance your press release’s capabilities:

1) Let’s Start With the Headline
In a sea of press releases, the headline is what makes the waves. In every successful press release, the headline not only gives a Cliff’s notes version of the release, but also includes terms relevant to your industry and, more specifically, your credit union.

While each press release headline should be unique, it should also incorporate key terms that help your credit union stand apart. In other words, incorporate SEO, or search engine optimization, terms within the first few words of your headline to give your release a lasting impression.

Generally speaking, we live in an Internet driven world, where many consumers use the Internet as a key decision maker before allowing just anyone to manage their money. This presents an opportunity to use your press release as a virtual greeter to welcome individuals, showcase your accomplishments and entice the person to become a member.

2) The Magnitude of Multimedia
Another way to help your press release take a leap ahead in the game is by incorporating a visual or multimedia element. This allows you to not only tell your story but also show your story.

By including multimedia, the person reading your release becomes more engaged and is incorporated into the news you’re announcing.

For example, a press release mentioning your credit union’s recent community involvement will resonate more with your audience if you have a video displaying your work and commitment and a few words from an esteemed member of the organization for which you’re volunteering.

3) Perfect Timing for Your Key Influencers
Going back to the old saying, “timing is everything,” this stands true for news and press releases as well. After you determine who your press release audience will be, it is worthwhile to research the timing of their activity. Targeting the activity time of your influencers can mean the difference of 1,000 people viewing your release vs. 10 people.

In addition, you can use social media to promote your press release. By including searchable hashtags, you can see just how far your message has reached.

Equally important to promoting your press release is creating a way to link back to your credit union’s website. This is best demonstrated by including a press or news page on your website that lists all your releases. By doing so, you create a sales opportunity with the traffic that is driven to your website.

With this in mind, it is important to not rely too heavily on your press release distribution service. By leveraging the use of social media and email, you can amplify your press release’s impact, while directly reaching out to key decision makers.

When piecing together your next press release, incorporate one or more of these methods and see your press release soar.

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