Keywords are Key for Your FinTech Marketing Plan

If someone is looking for your company on the Web, they will find you.  But what if they are looking for information to help solve a problem or for vendors to consider – would you show up on Google? And if you do, what will they see?  How high on the search results do you appear?

The answer lies in how well you use the keywords and key concepts that are important to your business. While search engine optimization (SEO) is not a new concept, it is a practice that is under-utilized in FinTech marketing.

What do you want to be known for?

Most FinTech companies offer a product or service portfolio that helps financial institutions reduce risk, reduce cost, improve service or grow revenue. These products tend to support certain areas, channels or functions within a bank, credit union or payments process. The idea is to get the market to associate you with the expertise and solutions to address a particular need, be it in mobile banking, contactless payments, cross-selling, compliance, fraud or other.

It is determining the right mix of keywords, and optimizing your Web activities accordingly, that will draw attention to your website.

Keyword analysis will help you determine which words and phrases people actually use.  Look for words that are searched frequently enough to draw meaningful traffic to your website, but with the right context so that you are not attracting the wrong visitors.


 After selecting keywords, we see SEO as two distinct functions:

  1. The first being the appropriate construction and content for your website to yield positive search results.
  2. The second is optimizing the content you create in PR and social media to create inbound links back to your site from credible industry sites.

It is exciting to see our clients improve their organic search results through public relations. If you don’t have agreement on keywords, make it a priority in your FinTech marketing planning.  You deserve to be known for something.

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