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5 ways to get all of the mileage you can out of your public relations efforts

Re-purposing your Public Relations content will go a long way in maximizing coverage in your industry.

Here’s how:

1)    Promptly post your press releases and articles on your website.

  • If you don’t buy the rights to the re-print, we suggest placing a 50 to 75-word synopsis of the article on your site.

2)    Use your CRM database for e-mail lists.

  • Every company should have an e-mail list of its customers, prospects, partners, investors and vendors that is continually updated.
  • Press releases should be routinely distributed to these lists following their distribution over the wire services.
  • Feature articles on your company should also be e-mailed as PDF’s. If you don’t have the budget to acquire the rights to the PDF or print version, we recommend sending a brief article summary and a link to the article if it’s online or to the publication’s website.

3)    Use your monthly e-newsletter.

  • If you have a number of articles available, provide a summary of the articles in your monthly e-newsletter.

4)   Promote releases and articles via social media.

  • Major announcements and news articles should also be promoted in your LinkedIn and Twitter networks and used as content for your blog.

5)    Invest in reprints

  • Every marketing budget should contain an allocation for reprints. Paid reprints of key editorial coverage can be the most effective marketing content in support of sales initiatives. Reprints are the best kind of advertising because it is content that carries third party validation.
  • Add article reprints to your sales kits
    • None of your marketing material showcases your company’s products and services like a good customer case history or a feature article from a major industry publication.
  • Bring reprints to tradeshows
    • Why waste time and money on creating special materials for your industry events when you already have content that makes you relevant?
  • Use reprints as follow-up material for your call center, marketing and support personnel.
    • Make it easy for people in contact with customers to pull appropriate stories to emphasize points of interest.

Make sure your investment in your public relations program is seen by everyone in your target market.

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