One Size Does Not Fit All: PR Programs for Larger Multi-Faceted Organizations

Public relations programs vary widely depending on the type of organization and industry.  Large multi-product organizations have a different perception of PR from smaller start ups. Large corporations demand a process-driven approach to project management, execution and reporting.

Multi-Faceted Companies

Larger, more complex organizations require specialized expertise. These companies are typically segmented by product/solution set or industries served which makes it challenging for PR teams to execute efficiently across all segments.

Large organizations may have clearly defined solutions and divisions that they wish to promote at a certain time; however, the media may have a different opinion as to what is most relevant to the industry.  It falls on the PR team to build unified, consistent messaging based on the organization’s goals and the media’s needs to penetrate the market.

Unlike smaller start-ups, key messaging for corporations has already been developed and PR teams must remain consistent with current messaging. This often tests a PR agency’s creativity and knowledge in developing ways to leverage existing content to support new storylines and opportunities.

While media coverage is typically welcome for a company that is eager to enter the marketplace, this may not always be the case for larger organizations that want to focus on generating specific, segmented coverage. As a result, large companies filter and prioritize media opportunities for executives due to their limited availability. They may wish to choose only editorial opportunities where they have a hand in controlling a particular direction. It is vital that the PR teams have a strong working relationship with key media to see which journalists and publications are a good fit.

The challenge lies in meeting expectations of both the client and the media. The PR team must find opportunities for large companies to fine-tune and communicate their messaging directly with the media. A skilled PR team can help navigate what works for the organization and create a thriving program.

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