PR Insight: Make the Most of Your News Release

By William Mills Agency February 1, 2018 Credit Union

PR Insight: Make the Most of Your News Release

Follow these easy tips to maximize your credit union’s reach and impact.

As featured in this month’s CUES PR Insights.

News releases are a great way for credit unions to get the word out about what they offer, what they are doing and to differentiate themselves. Unfortunately, many credit unions may not have staff familiar with the preparation and distribution of releases, and as a result, they either do not bother to produce them or the release fails to achieve any significant results. By following these five tips, credit unions can revitalize the way they are communicating with the media and enhance the way they are perceived by the public.

1.) Selecting a Newsworthy Topic
The first thing your credit union needs to do is determine the topic of a release. Common topics include the release of new financial products, announcing the credit union’s position on a relevant issue that is important to members or a credit union’s charitable role within the community.

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