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Janet Hewitt speaks with William Mills Agency about Mortgage Bankers Association’s 99th Annual Convention

By William Mills Agency September 25, 2012 Industry Events

Janet Hewitt

Janet Hewitt is editor-in-chief of Mortgage Banking magazine, one of the industry’s go-to sources for news, analysis and housing indices. Hewitt talked to us about her thoughts and expectations for the Mortgage Bankers Association’s 99th Annual Convention and Expo in Chicago, Oct. 21- 24.

  • WMA: What are you expecting to hear and see at the MBA this year?
  • Hewitt: One of the most exciting things about this year’s MBA annual conference will be seeing all of the new companies. There are about 20 new companies that I have heard of recently and who are registered for the conferences.
  • WMA: Where do you think these companies have been?
  • Hewitt: They have either been hiding out and waiting for the right time to toot their horn or they are brand new and have decided to come on strong now. This is encouraging because it shows despite the heavy regulatory climate,companies see the benefit of doing business now.
  • WMA: What kind of companies are they?
  • Hewitt: Mainly they are quality control, subservicing, and anything to do with loan processing. What is really exciting is that some of them are lenders.
  • WMA: What do you think is the main lesson lenders have learned thus far?
  • Hewitt: It seems as though people are beginning to understand that home prices have bottomed out. Even with the historically low rates and low home prices, this is a wounded market that was knocked off its feet so badly it is going to take years to come back.
  • WMA: What are some of the main subjects of importance at the MBA this year?
  • Hewitt: At the annual conference this year there will be plenty of discussions about the candidates.
  • WMA: What other things are you looking forward to in Chicago?
  • Hewitt: In addition to the sessions and panels, there are plenty of wonderful restaurants and plenty of shopping.

William Mills Agency would like to thank Janet Hewitt for contributing her thoughts and we look forward to attending the MBA convention in October!

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