Inbound 2020-Featured

HubSpot INBOUND , normally a multi-day conference held in Boston made the decision like so many others this year to make the 2020 conference virtual. Despite the change in format, this year’s event did not disappoint the thousands of attendees who sat in on the conference from the comfort of their homes and offices from around the world.

HubSpot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah kicked off the conference from Fenway Park to introduce major platform updates and new products including CMS Hub and the Sales Hub Enterprise. Throughout the conference, attendees had a plethora of sessions to choose from. Whether focusing on marketing techniques, social commerce tactics, or best SEO strategies, each session invited industry experts to give advice, best practices and answer questions from the live chat.

The conference provided insight into topics ranging from aligning sales and marketing to accelerate growth to interactive debates on gated vs. ungated content on company websites. Attendees are encouraged to use these information sessions to drive innovation in their companies.

Some key HubSpot updates for WMA and our clients:

  • HubSpot's new pricing model gives users the option of scalable pricing to only pay for actively marketed-to contacts
  • The Sales Enterprise tool has been updated to include custom objects to collect all of your data in one place
  • Attribution reporting is constantly being revamped to easily visualize which channels bring in the most revenue 
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) can closely align sales and marketing teams for advanced targeting and better engagement rates
  • HubSpot's new integration with JIRA can streamline customer inquiries with a faster response rate

More HubSpot product updates that were featured in the conference can be found here.

Aside from the educational sessions, INBOUND invited numerous activists, entrepreneurs,  and C-level executives including  Bob Iger, Van Jones, and John Legend to join the conference.

While this year’s INBOUND conference wasn’t the same in-person event, the virtual experience gave invaluable insights and knowledge from industry experts that can be used to grow businesses and improve relationships on a variety of platforms.

To view archived sessions from this year’s virtual HubSpot INBOUND, please visit: https://www.inbound.com.

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