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Chrissy, Wake Up: How to Keep Your PR Strategy from Falling Under A Curse

By Haleigh Dhaou August 16, 2022 Public Relations

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If you’re not one of the millions around the world who has been sucked into the “Stranger Things” phenomenon, the title reference may not make much sense to you. In short, the town of Hawkins, Indiana has fallen victim to Vecna, a humanoid monster with movable vines that protrude from his entire body and uses mental connections to control and attack teenagers of the town. While PR certainly isn’t that gruesome, there are quite a few things you can learn from this show to revamp your PR program.

When times are stagnant don’t let your PR program get pulled into the Upside Down. Here are a few tips to bring some life back into your strategy:

Pick up your bikes and grab your gang

Your colleagues should act as your ride or dies like Will, Dustin, Mike and Lucas. If you’re not connecting with your colleagues frequently across departments, you’re doing your PR program a disservice.

Whether it’s checking in with your tech team about product updates, your sales team about recent prospect meetings or other marketing and events staff who just returned from a trade show, it’s incredibly beneficial to meet with them on a regular basis and get their insight. These meetings can help with brainstorming new topics on what they’re hearing from prospects, current customers and what are the latest tech advancements to build out your content.

By utilizing a “hive mind,” across your organization, you can keep the content flowing even in slower times.

Are you checking in with your Suzie?

In the show, Suzie is your typical science genius and uses her extraordinary brain power to help the squad. The “Suzie” of your organization is your data.

The financial industry is one of the most data rich industries out there, but many fall short on using that data. This unique information your organization has available can build out an entire campaign for thought leadership content, white papers, blogs, etc.

Or if your organization is looking for new data, consider a survey. Surveys can be as simple as an internal poll of customers or fully sourced third-party consumer research, and the material is useful for at least a year. This is a great way to keep the content flowing when news is slower.

Your Institution’s “Never Ending Story”

Just like Dustin and Suzie singing about their never ending devotion to each other, by working across your organization and utilizing your data, you can have the answer to your never ending story and keep your program from becoming another casualty.

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