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Casey Scheer of BHMI on Permanent Changes in Consumer Payments Preferences After COVID-19

By William Mills Agency June 18, 2020 Fintech

WMA president Scott Mills sat down with Casey Scheer, Director of Marketing and Sales at BHMI. BHMI develops both custom software applications and software products. They are best known for the Concourse Financial Software Suite, which is a modular software suite for the electronic payments industry.

Casey shares insights on adapting to rapid changes in the marketplace, how the pandemic has increased the adoption of touchless payments and more. She notes that, "Mobile wallets and services like Zelle are seeing a huge spike in their business because people are more comfortable with those types of payments. You don't have to physically touch money and it's more seamless. The big question is if that will be a permanent change in the consumer market." Casey predicts that these changes will have long-lasting impacts on how financial institutions can best serve customers quickly and conveniently. 

Watch the full interview below and download the transcription here.


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