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Becoming the Main Character with a Strong PR Strategy

hero2Do “main characters” only exist within the pages of a book or the movie screens we watch? A trend devised by Gen Z members attests otherwise. Originating on TikTok during the height of the pandemic, the main character trend typically refers to an individual’s change in perspective to gain confidence in the unique elements of their personal identity. Rather than seeing yourself as playing a minor role within society, the main character concept positions an individual as the hero of their own story.

While this idea may seem to only apply to individuals, the main character mentality can also be leveraged to benefit your organization. At its core, this popular trend is intended to shift the ways personas (or brands) are communicated and how their distinct personalities are conveyed to others.

Want your organization to take on a starring role? Take a look at our tips for becoming the main character by leveraging a PR program:

Discover What Makes You Stand Out

Great main characters always possess defining traits and compelling motivations that make them unique. Just as the main characters of the stories we enjoy are confident in who they are, so should your company intuitively understand the qualities that make it stand out within the financial industry. In other words, what are your organization’s unique differentiators? What can your brand distinctly offer that competitors cannot match?

Implementing a PR strategy allows your company to bring those standout qualities to the forefront of its narrative and powerfully articulate those strengths to its audience of banking and fintech executives.

Have Confidence in Your Goals

What makes a main character compelling is not only knowing who they are but having confidence in their goals. In the same way, your organization can benefit from reflecting on what it hopes to achieve by identifying its brand attributes and vision for the future.

By building this foundation, your company can start to devise an effective long-term PR plan that will enable you to reach those overarching targets by communicating your brand through news releases, thought leadership content, blogs, case studies, etc. Similar to the unexpected changes faced by main characters, your brand may also encounter shifts in its identity or objectives – having a great PR program in place can help your organization strategically pivot to embrace these new directions.

Speak Your Mind

The best stories often introduce a timid main character whose journey allows them to build confidence and find their voice. Similarly, finding the “voices” within your organization is an important way to effectively articulate the company’s story and offerings.

Once these spokespersons and subject matter experts have been identified, it’s time to rehearse their lines. Encouraging these individuals to participate in media training will prepare them to be strong, poised speakers that are ready to engage with the media and put their best foot forward in interviews or trade show meetings.

Don’t Forget Your Supporting Characters

Even if your organization is acting as the main character, it’s important not to lose sight of the value of your supporting characters. In many stories, main characters often thrive when there is a balance between their own perspectives and those of others. The supporting characters of your organization are often your current customers and partners. 

A strong PR program looks to these characters for insights and feedback about why they choose to work alongside you, which can be highlighted through news releases and interviews. Sharing their stories ultimately adds greater depth and meaning to the narrative that you are shaping for your organization.

Being the main character isn’t always easy. Luckily, the PR and marketing experts of our agency are always ready to help your organization step into that leading role with confidence!

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