Infographic: Mobile Banking Market Leaders (Banks)

By William Mills Agency September 11, 2020 Banking

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We are proud to share our latest infographic, the Mobile Banking Market Leaders for Banks Infographic. Based on the number of institutional installs and U.S. FI clients in 2020, our infographic features the leading companies in the industry and market shares for each. The future of banking has turned digital and by shifting their products and services to online platforms, these leaders in the industry have proven the success of a new model for banking.

Mobile banking has grown in popularity in 2020, driving more banks to move to digital banking solutions and services. Having solutions like mobile remote deposits, access to loan payments and fund transfers can enhance the customer experience and improve loyalty. Giving customers mobile banking options can attract younger generations of customers thus creating potential long-term relationships.

Thank you to our partner, FI Navigator, for providing the data to create the infographic. FI Navigator’s CEO and founder, Steve Cotton, said, “Even before COVID, mobile banking was a top strategic priority for community bank executives, but the data needed to formulate product strategy or assess performance has been unavailable. FI Navigator has addressed this data deficiency to provide community bank executives with the comprehensive, timely data needed to navigate their institutions’ digital transformation.”

The Bank Retail Mobile Banking Market Share is based on FI Navigator Technographic Data for all U.S. Banks as of June 30, 2020. For more information, please visit www.finavigator.comDownload Infographic

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