5 Ways FinTechs Can Benefit from Hosting a Podcast: Part 1


Fintech Podcast Part 1
While podcasts have been a part of the media landscape since as early as 2004, the financial services industry was slower to adopt them as a way to promote businesses and communicate with customers. The good news is that 44% of Americans report having listened to a podcast before, and 26% listen monthly. That’s a significant audience ready to hear what you have to say.Creating a podcast may seem daunting on the surface, but in reality, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to broaden your content strategy. After purchasing the necessary equipment, you’ll be able to post your finished product to a number of free platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. If you’re not yet convinced to start brainstorming topics, check out these 5 potential benefits:

1. Build Authority

Hosting a podcast is a great opportunity to showcase your expertise in your field by commenting on relevant news and issues. CSI’s most recent podcast episode, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting Regulatory Relief”, is a great example of elaborating on something that just happened in the industry. For FinTechs, this could be regulatory changes, new technology, or news about other companies.

2. Promote Your Products/Services
While you should be careful about overtly promoting products/services too heavily, referencing your business cases through a podcast is a great way to generate awareness and help turn listeners into customers. One option is to discuss an industry issue at length and then briefly discuss how your product/service solves this issue. Just remember, podcasts are supposed to be interesting, educational content for listeners, not a lengthy sales pitch.

3. Build a Portfolio for Speaking Engagements
A podcast provides excellent material to submit for potential future speaking submissions. Even though there’s no physical audience, hosting a podcast shows you’re comfortable speaking and knowledgeable on industry topics. Podcast episodes can provide inspiration for speaking topics or panel discussions and are an effective way to demonstrate your talent as a speaker to would-be conference and event coordinators.

4. Content Can Be Repurposed for PR and Marketing
The outline for your podcast episode can easily be repurposed into the beginnings of a great media pitch, blog post, white paper or webinar. This is an easy way to make time spent researching a topic go further for your brand and appeal to your audience on multiple platforms. Plus, your PR/marketing team will certainly benefit from an extra source of solid content!

5. Connect With Other Industry Leaders
Hosting a podcast is an excellent chance to build connections and expand your business portfolio. Fellow industry leaders may be interested in speaking on a topic they have expertise in, and in turn may even ask you to be on their podcast. Either way, you’ll forge a positive relationship and gain exposure to their existing audience. Porter Keadle Moore’s podcast, GroundBanking, features industry experts each week and does a great job of showcasing topics that are relevant to both the industry at large and the experts themselves.

No matter what your goals are, a podcast can be an effective – even fun –way to diversify your company’s strategy and become a respected authority in the industry. It allows for more personality than an article or blog typically would while still allowing you to share important insights with like-minded listeners. More and more FinTech companies are creating podcasts and seeing excellent results, and we hope that you will consider doing the same.

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