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William Mills Agency Launches Executive Social Media Program to Boost Fintech Leaders' Digital Presence

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-New service enhances profile visibility, engagement and professional connections for fintech executives -

ATLANTA, July 9, 2024 - William Mills Agency, North America’s largest independent public relations and marketing firm specializing in financial technology, announced that it has introduced an executive social media engagement program, which focuses on enhancing the reputation of fintech executives and increasing their companies’ brand awareness. 

This added service includes optimizing executive profiles, updating connections and drafting and posting social media content for fintech executives based on their areas of expertise. This comprehensive approach has been proven to result in substantial increases in profile visibility, content engagement and professional connections. 

One executive participating in the program experienced significant growth in their LinkedIn engagement over a two-year period. Their profile views surged by 179%, while post views saw a 474% increase. Additionally, the number of connections grew by 24%, showcasing a substantial expansion of their professional network. 

Another early adopter of the program also saw notable improvements. Their profile views increased by 31%, post views rose by 188%, and number of connections expanded by 18%, reflecting solid growth in their LinkedIn presence and engagement. 

“In most cases, buyers and the industry look to professionals at companies before making a buying-decision. We call it ‘intellectual capital’ and one of the best places to showcase that talent is by using the executives’ social media profiles,” said Scott Mills, President of William Mills Agency. “We are delighted by the remarkable growth our clients have experienced with this new offering and are eager to further expand our business in this vital sector.” 

For more information on this program, visit: https://www.williammills.com/social-media-services.   

About William Mills Agency

William Mills Agency is North America’s largest public relations and marketing firm serving the financial technology industry with an emphasis on fintech providers. The agency has established its reputation through the successful execution of media relations, marketing services and crisis communications programs. The company serves clients ranging in size from small start-ups to large, publicly traded companies. For more information, please visit www.williammills.com. 

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