PR Insight: Going the Distance With Your PR Program

Best practices for creating and executing a solid public relations plan.

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As featured in this month's CUES PR Insights. 

Many times, when business is good and clients or members are happy, companies forget how important it is to maintain a consistent PR plan—and to trust the plan if it is working. In fact, some leaders are guilty of wanting to dismantle a perfectly solid media relations program for no other reason than it has been in place for a while. I want to encourage you to not do that. 

I recently completed an Iron Butt. Let me clarify this for you: It is a phrase popular in motorcycle circles that means riding 1,000 miles in a 24-hour period. I contend that companies—credit unions too—should approach their public relations campaigns the same way I approached completing 1,000 miles on two wheels in one day.

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