5 Ways to Repurpose Marketing Content to Make Sales

By William Mills Agency August 20, 2020

Untitled design-2-1A pillar of Content Marketing Services at William Mills Agency is that Marketing and Sales should work together when creating content. Salespeople speak with prospects on a daily basis. They know their pain points and frequently asked questions. By working together to leverage this information, Marketing can create impactful content that not only brings inbound leads, but can also be repurposed in the selling process.  

1. Email 

Marketing emails can be repurposed into templates for the sales team to distribute one-to-one, usually with minimal modification. Sales teams can personalize the language in an email and add their signature. By providing Sales with email templates, Marketing helps create a well-rounded campaign with synergy between both teams. This practice ensures that both teams are on the same page rather than pursuing different goals.  

2. Social Media 

Most salespeople have been told that being active on social media, particularly LinkedIn, is important, but may not know where to start. When your company shares an important update, be sure to provide Sales (and other employees) with a link to the posts or even copy they can share on their own. Making it easy for everyone to help spread the news broadens the reach of your posts.  

3. Solution Briefs 

Solution briefs are often placed on websites with a form so companies know who is interested in a product. This is a great practice, but solution briefs can also be helpful in the selling process. With HubSpot’s document tracking feature, salespeople are alerted when a document is opened. This is particularly useful when upselling an existing customer with a one-to-one email rather than an email blast, which can seem less personal.  

4. Videos 

Video is known for driving higher engagement than written content. In fact, 88% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI. B2B video applications include recorded presentations, interviews, product demos, customer testimonials and more. In addition, salespeople can record and send their own videos to prospects through tools like Vidyard, which integrates with HubSpot.   

5. Articles 

Coverage in industry publications shows prospects that your company is a respected thought leader. It also provides an excellent opportunity for Sales to reengage prospects with an update or ask for their thoughts on the article.  

Ultimately, Sales and Marketing are pursuing the same goals. By working together, the two teams can help one another create compelling content that supports growth and boosts the bottom line.  

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