5 (More) Ways FinTechs Can Benefit from Hosting a Podcast

The most exciting aspect of being immersed in the fintech world is that it is constantly changing and evolving. Hosting a fintech podcast is not only a great opportunity to share your thoughts on trends and events in the community, but it also has some significant potential benefits from a business standpoint. After all, the end goal of a well-rounded content marketing program isn’t just to share your thoughts—it’s to see results. 
Two weeks ago, we gave you 5 Ways Fintechs Can Benefit from Hosting a Podcast. This week, we’re back with five more potential benefits that may inspire you to start a fintech podcast of your own!

1. SEO Benefits
SEO should always be kept in mind when adding to your content marketing strategy. While podcasts aren’t as beneficial to SEO as written content (because they’re not as searchable), they still provide more ways for Google to find your website. Any content that creates more links to your site, via others sharing your podcast or even internal links, will boost your SEO.

2. Reach New Audiences
Everyone has different preferences for content consumption, which means if you’re not using multiple types of content, you may be missing potential customers. Some people never check their Twitter feed, but love listening to podcasts on their drive home. Diversifying your content is a great way to find people who may not have heard of your company. You’ll also likely have the opportunity to be a guest on other FinTech podcasts, which can help introduce your brand to new audiences that are interested in FinTech.

3. Easily Target Your Niche
Podcasts are inherently niche content, which is not a bad thing! While you may have fewer listeners than your favorite comedy podcast, the people who do tune in are likely engaged and have an interest in your content, which can translate into becoming a customer and brand advocate.

4. Brand Awareness Generation
Podcasts are primarily spread through word of mouth and secondarily through social media. 78% of podcast listeners have referred a friend to a podcast, and they are more likely than the average American to follow and engage with brands on social media. This means your brand gets free exposure not only on social media, but also in real life. A well-designed podcast can leave a great first impression for someone who has never heard of your company.

5. Strengthen Relationships with Existing Customers
Your customers should be your biggest fans, and you want to give them multiple ways to connect with your brand. A podcast also adds a human element to your brand because you can show a bit more personality than you may in a white paper or press release. You can also give customers company updates that may not warrant a press release or even share some fun details about members of your team. Overall, giving customers more ways to connect with your brand is always a good thing!

The potential benefits to hosting a podcast are endless, but ultimately it boils down to a enjoyable way to share more content and build authority. Starting a podcast may seem like a big undertaking (with a big price tag), but we encourage you to give it some consideration. While any new skill requires some practice, podcasting is relatively inexpensive and easy. In fact, our friends at Hubspot have some great resources to help you get started.  

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