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Every month, William Mills Agency contributes our thoughts and advice on industry trends and relevant issues to CUES’ Credit Union Management’s online “PR Insight” column.
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  • The Power of Awards and the Art of Winning Them
    Posted on January 2, 2015
    by Mary Cox Five steps to increase your chances Receiving an award – whether an industry award or local – can be extremely valuable for a credit union. Awards recognize excellence and validate the relevance and success of products, services, initiatives and even executives. They have the power to enhance a credit union’s image and strengthen visibility among members and  Read More
  • Three Essentials to a Balanced Public Relations Program
    Posted on December 8, 2014
    Starting 2015 off on the right foot by Rebecca Mayo Today’s banking environment is more challenging and competitive than ever before, making it critical for credit unions to implement a solid public relations program that effectively promotes and ultimately builds awareness among prospective members. But for your program to be effective, it must be balanced. As we wind down the year, credit  Read More
  • Cybersecurity Planning
    Posted on November 6, 2014
    What role should public relations play? by Megan Fort CUES’ Credit Union Management’s online-only “PR Insight” column runs the first Thursday of every month. The prevalence of widespread, nonrelated data breaches in the last year continues to spawn conversations about proper cybersecurity technology defenses, risk mitigation tactics and compliance mandates. For credit unions, these events have brought additional attention to  Read More
  • Top Three Considerations for Using Video on Your Website
    Posted on October 2, 2014
    Consider content, cost and frequency by Chuck Meyers and Debbie Harris CUES’ Credit Union Management’s online-only “PR Insight” column runs the first Thursday of every month Credit unions excel at connecting with members by maintaining excellent relationships with members, offering more personalized services and cultivating a sense of community. But recently credit unions have started to lag behind other financial institutions  Read More
  • Press Release Writing Basics
    Posted on September 4, 2014
    Is your credit union following these three news release best practices? by Jamie Garvin Credit Union Management’s online-only “PR Insight” column runs the first Thursday of every month The book bags are packed and the buses are rolling; Kids across the U.S. are headed back to school. They’ll spend the first couple days reviewing the foundations of each subject before  Read More
  • Three Essentials for an Influential Website
    Posted on August 7, 2014
    Keys to a successful renovation by Lauren Schuster CUES’ Credit Union Management’s online-only “PR Insight” column runs the first Thursday of every month. The summer season is generally considered as “downtime” for both businesses and members, so business matters are often pushed aside and re-addressed in the fall. Vacations or not, now is the perfect time for credit unions to capitalize  Read More
  • How to Engage Members Through Blogging
    Posted on July 3, 2014
    Know what your audience wants and deliver compelling content by Anna Stanley CUES’ Credit Union Management’s online-only “PR Insight” column runs the first Thursday of every month. Building long-term relationships with members is one of the fundamental values driving the credit union movement. Consistent member communication is crucial to building a loyal member base. Although the channels and methods have  Read More
  • Crafting the Modern Press Release
    Posted on June 5, 2014
    Four must-haves to make your news more compelling by Ann Bates Credit Union Management’s online-only “PR Insight” column runs the first Thursday of every month. The reality of today’s media environment is that everyone is competing for the same audience.Consumers are bombarded with a 24-hour news cycle and endless exposure to content via social media. Though a traditional and oft-employed public relations  Read More
  • ‘Final Four’ Ways of Implementing a Winning Media Relations Strategy
    Posted on May 5, 2014
    As the hype of the NCAA basketball tournament has come to an end, it is a perfect time for credit unions everywhere to re-examine their media relations strategy. Whether you’ve just integrated new technology, have an executive with an interesting background or simply wish to share an opinion on current industry happenings, chances are there is a journalist out there who is interested in your story.
  • Content Marketing for Credit Unions
    Posted on April 3, 2014
    Understanding what it is, what it can do, and why you need it. Marketing continues to be a primary challenge for credit union managers. In fact, a recent report found that for the second year in a row, marketers cited insufficient budgets and/or manpower as the top problem they face.
  • 5 Ways to Garner Greater Visibility in 2014
    Posted on March 7, 2014
    Developing and maintaining member loyalty is typically a primary focus of a credit union’s strategic plan. Moving into 2014, it is important for credit unions not to overlook the value of public relations to build stronger relationships with key constituents. If your credit union does not already have a public relations strategy in place, these five simple tips can help ensure key messages reach target audiences and effectively tell your
  • Strategic Public Relations Planning for Credit Unions
    Posted on February 10, 2014
    A well-constructed public relations plan – or roadmap – can help your credit union drive growth, establish and maintain credibility, and educate key audiences on why your CU is better than the competition. The quality of the plan dictates its success and weighs heavily on the following key elements:
  • Cracking the Social Media Code
    Posted on January 2, 2014
    Throughout the past decade, the introduction and adoption of social media have consistently increased year after year, expanding far beyond a channel for sharing photos and socializing with friends and family. But despite the awareness of social media in both consumer and business realms, the Why?, How?, When? and What for? of social media implementation are still a significant concern for many of today’s credit unions.
  • Balance Key to Successful PR Campaigns
    Posted on November 7, 2013
    In every aspect of life, balance is key to success. Balanced tires on a car mean a smoother ride. A balanced diet usually results in the healthy function of your body. A well-balanced public relations campaign helps position your credit union as a media resource. Well-balanced PR efforts require three components: press releases, executive media placements and case studies. Together, these tools build exposure and enhance a company’s credibility because of
  • 4 Steps for Generating Consistent Publicity for Credit Unions
    Posted on October 1, 2013
    Most credit union executives know how beneficial publicity can be for their organizations but do not have a plan for generating consistent media coverage. Credit unions can generate more regular coverage by executing their own mini PR program based on the steps below
  • Telling the Story of Success
    Posted on September 5, 2013
    Every credit union has a story; a compelling, distinctive brand that sets it apart from competitors. Credit unions are “not for profit, not for charity, but for service,” and in this light, it becomes so crucial to effectively communicate that mission to the surrounding community. Not only to provide the highest levels of service to members, but to reach potential members within the community to spur growth.
  • Maximize Your Trade Show Value
    Posted on August 1, 2013
    Is your credit union making the most of credit union industry event participation? By Lauren Schuster CUES’ CU Management’s online-only “PR Insight” column runs the first Thursday of every month. Trade shows are a costly component of a credit union’s public relations campaign, from both a time and a cost standpoint. From travel expenses to registration fees and valuable time spent away from  Read More
  • Connecting With Members This Summer
    Posted on July 5, 2013
    Great content ideas to stay in touch by Sheryl Gudelsky Credit Union Management’s online-only “PR Insight” column runs the first Thursday of every month. Because of the July 4 holiday, the column is running one day late this month! As your members enjoy the fun and excitement that summer brings – family vacations, neighborhood barbeques, outdoor activities – it is the  Read More
  • Crisis Preparedness
    Posted on June 10, 2013
    At some point in time, every organization will be faced with a crisis. Some are minor: The ATM is down for two hours for maintenance. But some are quite severe: the deadly tornados in Oklahoma. How your credit union reacts to crises as they occur communicates a great deal to the marketplace about the institution and its leadership.
  • Measurable Benchmarks
    Posted on May 8, 2013
    Much like any business investment, the only way to determine whether a public relations plan is successful is to set benchmarks and make sure you are meeting or exceeding them. Studying your measurable results, you can optimize PR efforts to better focus your plan and increase its effectiveness.