Jack Henry & Associates


Jack Henry & Associates has been a well-respected company since its founding in the late 1970’s. However, its culture as a quiet professional software and services company contributed to a lack of attention from industry media and other stakeholders. The company had grown through acquisition and organic growth, but the broader financial industry primarily knew Jack Henry & Associates as a core data processing company for small banks.

Services Provided

Jack Henry

The executive team realized the company could benefit from having a greater share of voice in the industry. This could be accomplished by having a dedicated PR program with William Mills Agency that consistently highlighted the company’s achievements using a balanced approach that included outbound company news, executive positioning and thought leadership as validations of its good work well beyond the core


JHA initially engaged William Mills Agency to promote its ProfitStars brand. After developing a strategic PR plan and having successful execution with proven results, the company expanded the relationship to include iPay (now part of ProfitStars), Jack Henry Banking and Symitar. The agency’s JHA account team is active in company events, such as user conferences, sales and marketing meetings and other forums involving key clients or analyst influencers. These associates are considered true “insiders” and are an integral component of JHA’s overall marketing communications strategy.