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We build your brand awareness and credibility through effective and consistent press coverage. Your company needs experienced financial public relations professionals with a proven track record of success. Let us help you communicate your compelling value proposition to the key influencers within your industry.

Intelligent Information Integration (I3)

The I3 Process

Successful public relations is a process that is forged in strategic planning and disciplined execution. William Mills Agency’s Intelligent Information Integration (I3) process, is a time-proven approach that identifies and leverages your objectives, unique news, value proposition and target media.

Intelligent information integration clearly defines and combines your PR news and content with the specific needs of the media. We know the editors and reporters covering your industry. Your PR Action Plan provides a solid “roadmap” to winning the attention and press coverage your company deserves.


Your Strategic Objectives


Your unique news, content and expertise


Your most persuasive value proposition


The target media most read by your customers and prospects


Media opportunities that help your prospects understand why they should choose you

When you engage our agency, you hire more than a century of financial public relations experience from seasoned professionals who have continually worked in your industry and understand your target publications. Editors trust our agency to bring them honest and balanced information. We make your story stand out and get the press coverage you need, because we know what the media is looking for and have delivered it for 38 years. Our connections are your connections. Many companies consider William Mills Agency as a form of “brand insurance,” because they know we will ensure that our clients’ brands are consistently, properly and accurately represented within the marketplace.

Target your Key Prospects with Public Relations

Financial Institutions

Business Partners

Analysts and Consultants

Potential Investors

The importance of a balanced PR Program
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Our PR Services

We manage and perform all of these activities as a part of our comprehensive public relations program:


  • Planning & Messaging (I3 Process)
  • Media Training
  • Corporate Positioning
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitive Research & Analysis

Ongoing PR Activities on your behalf:

  • Launch Company or Product
  • Media Relations
  • News Distribution
  • Media Tours
  • Account Service
  • Writing
    • Press Releases
    • Expert Articles
    • Opinion Pieces
    • Case Studies
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Surveys
  • Analyst Relations
  • Press Kit Production
  • Speaker Kit Development
  • Product Positioning
  • Tradeshow Support
  • Online Newsroom Recommendations
  • News Clipping Services
  • Comprehensive Reporting for measurable results