About William Mills Agency

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People hire William Mills Agency because of:

  • Our financial industry experience
  • Our knowledge of financial products, technologies and services
  • Our financial industry relationships

How we can help you:

We know your industry

Outside of the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg or perhaps SourceMedia, we know of no other company with more than 30 dedicated professionals who know, understand, write and work each day related to:

  • Financial technology
  • Financial industry issues
  • The media covering the industry
  • The best way to reach the financial media

Our agency has worked in the financial industry for more than 35 years and served hundreds of companies that provide a wide range of products and services in the banking, payments, mortgage, credit union and related markets. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, William Mills Agency is the 4th largest independent Atlanta public relations firm, but more importantly, the largest provider of PR and Marketing Services for companies that market to the financial industry.

We know the media and financial publications

Editors and reporters receive thousands of pitches and requests for coverage each month.

How do you break through the clutter and make your story stand out?

Cumulatively, our staff has more than a century of experience and knows how to get you the press coverage you deserve. William Mills Agency’s public relations team knows the topics of interest, the information needed and how to best reach financial editors and reporters with relevant ideas and content.

Because of our industry focus, knowledge and relationships with financial editors and writers, you don’t need to educate and train our firm about financial and technology industries; we just need to know why people buy from you. This means William Mills Agency is a much more cost-effective solution than in-house resources, generalist agencies, sole practitioners or freelancer writers.

We’ve earned the media’s trust, because we are media-centric. We deliver client content incorporating the needs and expectations of the media to maximize the probability that you are included in press coverage on the topics that are most important to your company.

Bill Jr.Founder Bill Mills’ Business Philosophy

  • In the beginning, there is a plan and the plan is good. It addresses itself to the objectives of the client. It defines goals, establishes a budget and a timetable.
  • What we say we will do, we will do.
  • We will be prudent with our clients’ money, but not at the expense of inadequate or mediocre work.
  • Public Relations and Marketing are business tools, not an art exhibit. Their sole function is to sell a product, service or idea. This can almost always be accomplished with style and good taste.
  • Creative solutions will be used to solve problems, create attention and get as much mileage as possible for the client’s dollar.
  • We will be fair and honest in our dealings with clients and suppliers. We will disagree when we think they are wrong. But we will be open-minded, and we will treat everyone with the same courtesy we expect.