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Every month, William Mills Agency contributes our thoughts and advice on industry trends and relevant issues to CUES’ Credit Union Management’s online “PR Insight” column.

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3 ways to effectively use social media and media relations to turn a tradeshow into a public relations success

PR Insight: Doing it Live!

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Many credit unions are setting their trade show and conference calendar for the coming year. These events represent a great opportunity for credit unions to promote new business efforts, build relationships and see the latest innovations. But less considered is the ways in which these events can be used to…

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PR Insight: Five Tips for PR Success

PR Insight: Five Tips for PR Success

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Public relations is more than just managing the flow of information between a credit union and its stakeholders. It’s a communication process that analyzes public opinion, engages and informs key audiences, builds mutually beneficial relationships, and brings vital information back into an organization for analysis and action. It creates a…

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