William Mills Agency Releases New White Paper: How is the Evolution from Print to Digital Changing Fintech PR? Here are 3 Ways

By William Mills Agency December 14, 2016

William Mills AgencyHow is the evolution from print to digital changing fintech pr?, the premier financial public relations and marketing company, today released a white paper describing the influence the digital revolution has had on financial technology public relations. Please download the full white paper: “How is the Evolution from Print to Digital Changing Fintech PR? Here are 3 Ways.”

The paper describes the discernable changes the fintech and banking public relations professionals have experienced moving from a print-centric to a digital-centric environment. From the new types of technologies used to support a communications program; to the rise of content marketing; to the everyday use of social media; communications programs for Fintech companies have changed dramatically over the last five years.

“Just as publishing has gone through significant changes, our profession is adapting to new technologies, service offerings and client expectations as to what a successful program looks like,” said president, WMA, Scott Mills. “At a high level, we are still advising companies and executives how to better communicate – the biggest shift has to be the rise of ‘companies as publishers’ or owning more of their communications. We are also putting a premium on integrating communications and seamlessly integrating lead generation and brand awareness through content marketing to create an overall effective communications program.”

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