Bankers As Buyers 2021 Report Released by William Mills Agency

By William Mills Agency March 17, 2021

ATLANTA--William Mills Agency, the largest, independent public relations and marketing firm specializing in the financial industry, announces the release of its 18th annual Bankers as Buyers Report. Download the free report here.Download Bankers as Buyers“With no disrespect or minimalizing the impact of the pandemic, we may very well be experiencing a renaissance moment in financial technology,” said Scott Mills, president of William Mills Agency and editor of the report. “We are handling digital banking a little differently this year. Instead of a chapter, our premise is that digital transformation has been elevated to an organizational imperative. Even if bankers don’t have formal digital transformation initiatives in place, they know that automating manual processes, improving data analysis and leveraging ways to use that analysis to proactively anticipate customer financial service are critical to their efficiency and future.”

This year’s report also looks at the evolving relationship between financial institutions, financial technology providers and fintechs. Though there are some fintechs that are outright bank competitors, many banks and fintechs see themselves as likely partners.

The sources for this report included 40 analysts, consultants, solution providers, bankers, fintechs and media executives. There are also 11 contributed articles that go into more depth on a variety of topics.

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