William Mills Agency Announces New Brand Image

Letter from the CEO, William Mills IIIWilliam Mills Agency

Welcome, everyone to our new website and blog page. We want you to know, that while our values and hard work ethic will always remain a part of our legacy, the agency continues to evolve, adapt and enhance the services we provide not only for our clients, but also for our friends in the financial media and others we serve. Change is a constant in every organization. For 35 years, William Mills Agency has been a trusted provider of public relations, marketing and creative services for companies around the globe

As the agency continues to expand the scope of our capabilities, we want our identity to reflect that we have adapted and embraced the new communication platforms of the 21st century. We believe our new identity embodies our financial industry experience and technology knowledge while still adhering to our core founding principles.

Thank you for visiting our site and being a part of William Mills Agency’s biggest change in 35 years!

Best regards,

William E. Mills III, CEO


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