[Video] Scott Mills Reviews Financial Services Industry Trends in the 2020 Bankers as Buyers Report

By William Mills Agency February 27, 2020

The annual Bankers as Buyers report is a free resource for financial services companies to gain insight into the market and prepare for the year ahead.  “The velocity of change in how we use technology and advances, such as AI, is forcing everyone to evaluate how they spend on innovation, how much they budget and how to select providers,” said Scott Mills, president of William Mills Agency and publisher of Bankers as Buyers. 

Key themes of this year's report include how banks buy technology, the unexpected consequences of automation and the growth of non-traditional competition and partnerships. 

This year's report includes several new features and topics, which Scott Mills discusses in the video below. Scott shares why synthetic fraud and "channel-less marketing" are hot subjects in the multi-billion dollar financial technology industry this year. In this growing and highly invested in marketplace, bankers have endless opportunities to spend. With so many options, how and where will bankers spend their money this year? Download the report to find out. 

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