Use Visbyte Videos to Effectively Promote Your FinTech Business

Videos are fast becoming a preferred means of marketing within FinTech and B2B businesses. People today have shorter attention spans, less time to gather information and want things quickly. Video marketing is a powerful tool that will engage your financial industry audience and increase your sales. William Mills Agency’s marketing services offers you a fresh marketing advantage, Visbyte videos.

FinTech Business

Videos are:

  • Preferred over reading
  • A more effective way to promote your business
  • Kept and passed along more often than newspapers or magazines
  • A more effective way to explain complex products and services
  • Easier for buyers to remember over printed materials
  • Yield more effective response rates than printed materials

Videos provide an engaging communication platform for your prospects. Use videos within your marketing mix—everywhere from email campaigns, customer events, direct marketing to financial industry tradeshows and your website.

Our top 7 list of marketing topics for video:

1.  Company overview

2.  Product overviews

3.  Product demonstrations

4.  Customer testimonials

5.  Case studies

6.  Executive presentations

7.  A tour of your company’s operations.

William Mills Agency Marketing Services offers Visbyte videos to complete your marketing programs. VisBytes are cost effective, high definition and mobile-compatible videos. We include scripting, storyboarding, filming and making the final edits to your video.

Additional Benefits:

  • Optimized Network Hosting for Fast Access
  • Custom Landing Pages for Your Target Market
  • Personalized Email Campaigns
  • Viewer Analytics and Tracking

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