How Retargeting Can Build Your FinTech Brand

How Retargeting Can Build Your FinTech Brand

Redefining advertising for the online world

By now, savvy internet users have likely noticed that after viewing a specific product at a retail website (like or Amazon), that ads for that specific product seem to follow them when they visit other sites like Facebook or the New York Times. If this has happened to you, then you have been hit with Retargeting.

Retargeting advertising is a new, highly-targeted marketing tool. Instead of marketing to all prospects, including those who have never visited your site or have shown no prior interest or engagement, retargeting focuses on more qualified prospects who have visited your site but who may have yet to engage with the content.

William Mills Agency now offers retargeting to its clients as a service provided through AdRoll. For interested clients, WMA will manage the process from start to finish, including strategic creation of your ads, set-up, management and reporting.

What’s unique about retargeting is that fintech marketers can now more easily measure and report on the direct ROI of their advertising investments. As opposed to traditional measurement of “impressions” and “clicks,” retargeting enables your company to accurately measure the number of conversions. By leveraging well-designed forms on your website, your sales team can then contact qualified prospects directly. In this way, retargeting effectively provides closed loop reporting on your online marketing and sales efforts.

Retargeting ads with AdRoll can be set up to appear on up to 98% of web pages, including social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. When prospects visit your website, your company’s ad will then follow them through their online experience via sidebars and headers. For many companies, retargeting provides a cost-effective way to advertise to your prospects with the right message at the right time.

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