Make a PR Plan Work for You in the Financial Industry

Companies that get consistent media coverage understand the importance of making a financial PR plan and leveraging it to their advantage. This is why William Mills Agency developed a media planning process called Intelligent Information Integration (I3) based on the concept of providing the right content to the media at the right time so you can successfully market to banks, credit unions, payments providers and other financial audiences.

The I3 Process

To identify compelling news content, it is crucial to think outside your product and service offerings to include qualities that differentiate your company from your competitors. Through the I3 process, we determine your key messaging and qualities that will resonate best with the financial media. Not every media outlet can make a difference to your company. Maximize results by focusing only on those that can. Moreover, those who successfully gain media attention tailor content to each outlet’s specific editorial needs.

Essential PR tools to gain media coverage:

  • Opinion pieces demonstrate that your company is knowledgeable and cares about the issues the financial industry is facing, thereby, building credibility.
  • Case studies provide great value to you and your organization by presenting external validation from your customers.
  • Press releases provide a way to feature news, show positive growth and build momentum for your company.
  • Subject matter experts establish your executives as industry thought leaders who create a face for your company.

Through identifying target financial media, editorial preferences and detailed monthly action plans that coincide with editorial calendars, the I3 planning process delivers consistent media coverage that matters. For additional information on this topic, download our free whitepaper, “Make a PR Plan and Work It.”

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