Live Blogging from MBA’s 99th Annual Convention and Expo

David Jones, Senior Account Agent for William Mills Agency provides his live commentary at MBA’s 99th Annual Convention and Expo.

04:18 pm

Some media-related updates from #MBAAnnual12 – Mortgage Tech, NMP, HousingWire.

SourceMedia announced at the Mortgage Technology Awards ceremony that Mortgage Technology magazine will no longer be published monthly, and instead will be a full-magazine insert in National Mortgage News three times a year. The technology portion of the NMN website will still be updated daily, and SourceMedia will still push out a weekly Tech-focused email newsletter. SourceMedia will still put on the Mortgage Technology awards and the Top 50 Service Provider listings next year. You can also expect their banking tech writers and editors to cover more mortgage-related tech stories.

Andrew Berman, formerly of National Mortgage Professional, is now working with New York Life Insurance Company. He’s still helping some with editorial needs, though.

HousingWire has made a couple of new additions to their staff in the past couple of weeks. The plan is for each reporter to specialize in a segment of the housing industry (servicing, origination, tech, etc.) to provide deeper coverage across the industry’s various verticals.

01:26 pm

Some quick thoughts and quotes from President Clinton during his keynote at #MBAAnnual12:

Clinton: America has survived many moments that were supposed to be the end of the nation – Revolution, Civil War, Great Depression, World Wars. Likewise – MBA celebrating its 99th year. The mortgage industry will survive.

Clinton: What I see working in the real world are people of various beliefs coming up with creative, cooperative solutions to great problems. We need that in our government and our politics.

Major theme of unity and finding ways to work together. Great message, but the cynic in me wants to see it actually happen.

Q&A more on politics than housing. Interesting discussion on national deficit and budget. Was very clear, that spending cuts are needed, but you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip. You have to raise more revenue somehow – the question is how you do it.

President subtly just called out both parties for the ridiculous rhetoric about the “end of America.” Two independent economic studies project growth of 12 million jobs regardless of who runs the country.

10:24 am

Themes of the conversations between #MBAAnnual12 media and agency clients: Politics, compliance, new ways of doing business, embracing mobile and the growing role of data over documents.

The one undercurrent of hesitation underneath the upbeat mood is a level of uncertainty over what compliance will look like moving forward. The primary issue is just not knowing what the parameters of the still-pending rulings from CFPB and Dodd-Frank will look like. One lender said he can better handle new regulations, even if he doesn’t like them, if he just knows the rules he’s playing by.

10:12 am

Vendors in the #MBAAnnual12 expo hall say there are more leads this year than last. Overall, the mood is a very good one.


I overheard one company say the difference is that last year, lenders were hopeful that the worst was over, but still hesitant to invest in new tech. This year things have stabilized, and they see a light at the end of the tunnel and are looking into new technologies.

10:08 am

The Hyatt is a good place for a conference, but there are some quirks that have resulted in some interesting work-arounds. Since the expo hall and most of the conference rooms are in the lower levels of the hotel, the cell reception is awful – even for those with 4G connections.

To counter, MBA and some of the sponsors have offered some good options. MBA offered free wi-fi throughout the conference area, there was a cell charging station (sponsored of course) and a sponsored lounge with more cell chargers and places to sit and snack while using the wi-fi.

10:02 am

Monday was a full, exciting day at #MBAAnnual12. More than 3,500 vendors and lenders have taken over the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. Here are a handful of thoughts on the conversations and feel of the show from Monday.


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