Leveraging your Speaking Engagements will Help your Company Sell to Banks

Speaking engagements provide excellent exposure for your company and offer a great advantage to secure sales leads. However, speaking at a financial tradeshows is not enough. There are a variety of methods available to truly take advantage of each speaking opportunity. William Mills Agency’s PR teams can help you make the most of every event. Collaborate with them to execute the best tactics for your company to better sell to banks and your target markets.

Pre-Show Marketing Initiatives:

  • Issue a media advisory to announce the presentation 2-3 weeks out
  • Include announcement in company newsletters in the months leading up to event
  • Promote the news through your social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Make sure your tradeshow booth is up to date and consistent with your current company image and key messaging

During the Tradeshow:

  • Make sure the presenter is in the company’s booth during peak hours to answer any questions sales prospects and attendees may have
  • Announce during presentation when the presenter will be in the company’s booth for more information or specific questions
  • Have brochures or other printed materials on hand at the booth for potential prospects to better sell to banks, credit unions and other financial institutions

After the Tradeshow:

  • Issue an announcement to showcase the presentation’s success, highlighting the trends and best practices discussed
  • Include a message in the company’s newsletter to send to customers and prospects, offering the presentation notes and PowerPoint presentation for those unable to attend
  • Provide a recap blog post of the presentation online with photos from the event
  • Push out the recap of the event and photos though your social media networks
  • Offer the media a one-on-one walk through of the presentation if they were unable to attend


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