Infographic: Leading Credit Unions in Mobile Banking

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In unison with our recent infographic on Mobile Banking Market Leaders for Banks, we are proud to share its partner infographic, the Mobile Banking Market Leaders for Credit Unions Infographic. Based on the number of institutional installs and U.S. FI clients with over $100 million in assets in 2020, our infographic features the leading credit unions in the industry and market shares for each. 

Digital transformation for banks and credit unions is in high gear these days. While capabilities can supplement existing offerings, mobile banking vendors who own the primary relationship with a financial institution are in the best position to influence their digital evolution and customer experience. By adapting to digital banking solutions and services on online platforms, credit unions can ensure an enhanced customer experience for their members.

Thank you to our partner, FI Navigator, for providing the data to create the infographic. FI Navigator’s CEO and founder, Steve Cotton, said, “Today credit unions have multiple options to enhance their mobile banking channel and 2020 has proven that digital transformation is a top strategic priority. However, credit union executives need the right data to formulate product strategy and assess performance. FI Navigator provides comprehensive, timely data the industry needs to navigate this digital transformation.”

The Bank Retail Mobile Banking Market Share is based on FI Navigator Technographic Data for all U.S. Banks as of June 30, 2020. For more information, please visit

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