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Jack Henry Annual Conference 2017 – Fintech, AI and Cyber Security

Jack Henry Annual Conference 2017

The 2017 Jack Henry Annual Conference (JAC) took place October 15-19 in Nashville, Tenn. with nearly 2,000 financial industry professionals in attendance. This year, Jack Henry & Associates (JHA) combined the Jack Henry Banking and ProfitStars Educational Conferences as well as the Jack Henry Banking Executive Forum into a single event. This consolidated annual conference   provided bankers with the opportunity to take advantage of more sessions and meet with more of their peers, all while reducing the amount of time away from the office and lowering travel costs. Attendees really seemed to enjoy the new format! The conference also featured a TechConnect showcase where more than 130 vendors demonstrated their technology.

Highlights from this year’s JAC include a panel moderated by JHA’s director of strategic initiatives Ron Mazursky that focused on the benefits of financial institution and fintech partnerships. The panelists, John Hans Morris, Managing Partner at Nyca Partners; David Sosna, co-founder and CEO of Personetics; and David Klein, co-founder and CEO of CommonBond, explained how banks have a fundamental advantage of cost and capital while fintechs are well positioned to leverage technology that builds customer engagement. Together, the possibilities are endless.

Futurist Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow, a global innovation consultancy, gave a fantastic keynote presentation about how regional and community financial institutions can plan to thrive in an age of artificial intelligence (AI), automation and data overload. Another crowd favorite was the cyber-attack drill where attendees acted as part of an incidence response team navigating a data breach and managing the aftermath. William Mills Agency’s Heather Sugg added input on crisis communication strategies.

JHA also made some significant announcements during the show, sharing exciting news around its Treasury Management Solution and its Enterprise Risk Mitigation Solution (ERMS).

Overall, attendees were highly engaged in the many valuable sessions and networking opportunities during this high- energy conference.

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