Finovate Interview Series: Part 1

By William Mills Agency November 22, 2021 Fintech

In our new video series, William Mills, CEO of WMA, interviews leading fintech professionals at Finovate to examine the latest technology and advancements in the industry.  William sits down with Jas Randhawa, Head of Financial Crimes at Stripe, to discuss the current landscape of financial crimes, trends he's seeing to address these threats, and advice for organizations on protecting themselves and their customers. Highlights from this week's interview include: 

  • The  digital shift brought on by the pandemic brought new challenges that professionals had to quickly address.  "The financial crimes community had to innovate fairly rapidly and very quickly to understand all the challenges that the new business and the new opportunity brought to the table," Randhawa shared.
  • When asked what more needs to be done to keep financial institutions and their customers better protected, the Stripe leader said, "There needs to be a lot more investment in technology." 
  • KYC and electronic identity verification are two areas of protection technology that Randhawa believes will help tackle financial crimes in the future, especially as financial institutions become more reliant on digital processes. 
  • The Stripe Executive ended the conversation by speaking on the importance of being part of a community. He encouraged people to reach across the aisle and to develop a larger financial ecosystem in order to develop as a professional in this space. By creating this community, people across all sectors can benefit from shared knowledge and technological advancements.   

Watch below to see the full interview:


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