Don’t Let Your Financial PR Plan Get the Summertime Blues

As spring ends, so does the traditional growth season for most business-to-business organizations. The summer months mark a time when executives usually huddle in conference rooms to brainstorm and strategize their activities for fall and the new year ahead. To ensure that your banking or mortgage organization’s public relations and marketing plan does not lose the momentum you’ve worked hard to create, this time should also be used to reconnect with customers by integrating them into your financial PR and marketing plan in the following ways:

Financial marketing and press materials: Your customers’ experiences regarding your products and services, or their expert opinions regarding industry issues, can be leveraged to produce valuable marketing and press materials such as case studies, white papers and press releases. These materials are extremely valuable when it comes to demonstrating value and “pushing” company news. When customers go “on the record” to discuss how your company has helped their business, it inherently builds your credibility.

Bylined articles and interviews: The current economic landscape is forcing staffing cutbacks throughout business and trade media. Reporters are finding themselves spread thin with very little time to chase down sources and experts. By presenting them with article ideas complete with an organized list of users who are willing to talk to the press, you make their lives much easier. This dramatically increases your chances of publicity in the FinTech, mortgage and financial media, while allowing you to tell the story the way you want it to appear.

Surveys and questionnaires: Using research instruments such as surveys and questionnaires is an excellent way to gain valuable insight regarding the financial industry you serve as well as the perception of your products and services among users. Not only can this reveal additional opportunities for your organization, it can also identify areas of improvement regarding the technology services you provide.

As the summer sets in, remember to talk with your fintech or mortgage PR team about how you can include your customers in your PR and marketing efforts. Not only will this keep your marketing materials, publicity and campaign fresh with new product knowledge, it will keep your organization “top of mind” with customers while demonstrating your thought leadership. This is important considering that at summer’s end, your customers’ budgeting season begins. And if you’ve stayed top of mind throughout the summer, chances are you’ll be included.


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