Accelerated: Behind the Scenes of Bank and Fintech Partnerships

We're back with the next installment of Accelerated, a new series that gives a behind-the-scenes look at how fintech-banking deals are made and why they’re important.

In this episode, Finzly and Lead Bank are working together to improve community bank user experiences. Hear how the partners found one another (hint: branding matters) and how they have postured for innovation. Don’t miss Booshan explain how to mitigate the risk for a fintech’s first clients and Josh share on changing bank culture for more immersive, emotional digital experiences.

The pair aim to move banking into the mode of continual improvement that other industries have understood, to build banks that can be resilient and sustainable. “We are responsible for caring for our customers and communities and I’m not prepared to give that up. American would be worse for it,” Josh commented. “We can do that with technology collaborators who respect us and know how to partner - then we build better banks. I’m not giving up!”

Plus, Wayne shares insights on how bankers determine upcoming company selections for the Venture Center, ensuring a dramatic impact on banking. Listen to the second episode of Accelerated, brought to you by William Mills Agency and The Venture Center, below.


If you missed the first episode, take a listen here. In episode one, Heather Sugg, APR of WMA, Wayne Miller from The Venture Center, AK Patel from Lendsmart, and Patrick Sells, formerly of Quontic Bank discuss how the banking industry is depending on bank and fintech partnerships to add convenience, ease, and transparency that can help them relate to consumers in a timely manner.

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