A Balanced PR Program can Maximize your Exposure in the Financial Industry

In the financial media, there are endless ways to promote your company. The trick is to know how to create a efficient and balanced PR program to maximize your exposure and gain consistent press coverage over time. An effective media relations plan should outline content and identify outlets and timing to create exposure for your company through consumer, media, and industry channels.

Why PR

Third party validation is the backbone of an organization’s reputation. Not pursuing a well-rounded financial PR strategy severely limits your ability to achieve the brand your company needs. Positive editorial coverage generates up to nine times more visibility than paid advertising. Moreover, this coverage is more credible due to media objectivity. A disciplined communications plan maximizes exposure to your prospects.

The Three Essential Components for an Effective Financial PR Plan include:

  • Press Releases are the foundation for your PR program because they show positive growth and momentum for your organization. There should be a news announcement from your organization at least every four to five weeks.
  • Thought Leadership Articles include expert articles, whitepapers, opinion pieces, research papers, trend articles and source quotes. Establishing your executives as thought leaders provides a personal face to your company and exhibits your company’s expertise and commitment to solving your industry’s problems.
  • Customer Case Studies are one of the most powerful means of communication because they validate your organization and its products and services. The media prefer case studies because they showcase how your clients use your product or service and demonstrate how your company is helping the industry.

All three aspects of a balanced media relations program are equally important. Each takes advantage of a different entry to media coverage, while complementing and strengthening the others. For additional information on this topic, download our free whitepaper “The Importance of a Balanced Media Relations Program.” 

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